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Ruby Weekly Issue 185
March 6, 2014
It Costs $7K Per Month to Run
A PDF of the Amazon Web Services bill for running the main RubyGems repository has been released. There was also extensive discussion of it on Hacker News.
Hacker News
La Conf Paris - 22-23 May 2014
A great lineup including Hampton Catlin, Brian Shirai, Rachel Nabors, Brian Liles, Chris Wanstrath, Ashe Dryden, and others. All early birds are sold out but some standard tickets are available.
La Conf Paris
Putting the Can in CanCan
An announcement for CanCanCan, billed as a ‘continuation of the popular Rails gem CanCan’ (as CanCan is no longer being updated.) CanCan is/was an authorization library for Rails.
Mojo Lingo
ArrrrCamp Call For Proposals Open - October 3-4 in Ghent, Belgium
From our Sponsor
Just like Heroku but on your own servers
Build, provision, deploy and scale your apps to your own servers on any cloud. Apps in Rails, Sinatra or Padrino. MySQL, MongoDB, Redis or PostgreSQL all on your own cloud from AWS to DigitalOcean.
Non-Alphanumeric Ruby for Fun and Not Much Else
Can you implement FizzBuzz in Ruby without using any alphanumeric characters? Yep.
Rails - The Missing Parts - Interactors
A look at a pattern involving Interactors, Policies, and Presenters which the author argues is good practice on larger Rails apps. DHH considered the example poor, however, and kicked off a great thread on Hacker News complete with counterexamples and his own approaches.
Deploying a Rails App onto a Windows Azure Linux Host with Capistrano 3
Marc Gagne
Getting Started with RSpec and Unit Testing
A brief introduction to writing and running unit tests with RSpec.
Greg Elizondo
The Rails 4 Asset Pipeline on Heroku
A look at Rails 4-specific asset pipeline behavior on Heroku.
Heroku Dev Center
Angular + Rails with No Fuss
Sébastien Saunier
RubyMotion: Under The Hood
A look at several tools that can help if you’re building iOS apps with RubyMotion.
Transcending Frontiers
Another Guide to Upgrade to Rails 4
Using Database Templates in Rails
Romina Vargas
Allow Admin To Log On As Another User In A Rails App
Jess Brown
Watching and Listening
The Ruby Rogues Discuss 'Ruby Under a Microscope' with Pat Shaughnessy
Ruby Rogues
The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby on Rails Programming II Course
Mike and Nicole Clark are back with another high quality course (it does cost money) to take your skills up a notch with Rails 4.
The Pragmatic Studio
Visualizing Garbage Collection in Rubinius, JRuby and Ruby 2.0
O'Reilly Webcast
Senior Ruby Developer at Econify [Washington, DC]
Econify is a Ruby development shop that primarily works with established companies, leading them through complicated technology challenges. We’re currently seeking 1 senior developer to work on-site with our fantastic clients.
Ruby Developer at AlphaSights (London and New York time zones)
We're a distributed team of developers who manage our own time. We value maintainable code, simplicity and constant learning. Come and build great software with us.
Software Developer at View The Space (New York, NY)
View The Space is a fast growing online leasing platform for commercial real-estate brokers and we need your help. If you love learning new technologies and have experience with Rails, JavaScript, Angular.js, iOS, TDD or all of the above, you’d be a great fit.
View The Space
Senior Software Engineer at Remind101 (San Francisco, CA)
Libraries, Code and Tools
find-any-email: Ruby Script to Find Anyone's Email
A quick script that seems to lean on polling Rapportive until it finds a match. Use with care as you may get throttled/blocked by them.
Patrick Perey
Shortcode: A Wordpress-style Shortcode Parser That's Easily Extendable
Jamie Dyer
hyper_api: A DSL to Create Objects From HTML
Javier Saldana
multi_mime: A Generic Swappable Back-end for MIME Type Detection
Karl Freeman
formulaic: Simplify Form Filling with Capybara
thoughtbot, inc.
Last but not least..
Fix Your Ruby Performance Issues and Get a Free Shirt
Rubyists love New Relic because it’s really simple to install and delivers actionable data in minutes. New Relic lets you anticipate bottlenecks and quickly identify the root cause so you can focus on delighting your users instead of searching for bugs. Get a free t-shirt when you deploy.
New Relic (Sponsored Item)
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