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Ruby Weekly Issue 186
March 14, 2014
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 186 of Ruby Weekly. A day late this week as I've been in San Francisco chairing a conference, but back to full speed next week :-) - Peter C.
The RailsConf 2014 Program Has Been Revealed
It takes place in Chicago over April 22-25 and features keynotes from DHH, Farrah Bostic, Yehuda Katz, Baratunde Thurston, and Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson. There are many excellent sessions promised here.
Regression of Hash#reject in Ruby 2.1.1
In Ruby 2.1.0 and earlier, the ‘reject’ method in any class that inherits Hash returns an object of its own class. But in Ruby 2.1.1, this behavior has accidentally changed to always return a plain Hash object. This will be reverted in Ruby 2.1.2, but is expected to be the default behavior for Ruby 2.2.0, so be prepared.
Official Ruby Blog
Rails 4.0.4 Released
The latest bugfix release of Rails is here, packing in more than 290 commits.
Official Rails Blog
Ruby on Rails in the Google Summer of Code 2014
Riding Rails
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New Relic
A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your First Ruby Gem
Matt Huggins presents a quick, practical guide to building a Ruby library into a gem.
Quick Left
A Look at the Circuit Breaker Pattern in Ruby
A pattern that helps you avoid a cascade of failures across multiple systems.
Martin Fowler
Watching and Understanding the Ruby 2.1 Garbage Collector at Work
A bit of a deep dive. As opposed to Ruby 2.0’s GC, Ruby 2.1’s garbage collector is generational, so has different performance characteristics.
Thorsten Ball
Ruby Command Line Interface Gems
So you’ve written this amazing library, but something is missing.. a command line interface.
How Method Dispatch Works in JRuby/Truffle
A heck of a lot to enjoy here if implementation specifics are your thing.
Chris Seaton
Visualizing Rails Schemas with the RailRoady Gem
CoachUp Engineering Blog
Ruby & OpenCalais: Semantically Tag Anything
The OpenCalais Web Service automatically creates rich semantic metadata for the content you submit.
7 Daily Use Cases for Ruby Hashes
8th Color
Why I Wrote the Sucker Punch Gem
Brandon Hilkert
Tearing Down Capybara Tests of AJAX Pages
Software Engineer at Blue Apron (New York, NY)
Blue Apron is a fast-growing meal delivery service revolutionizing the way people cook at home. We're looking for passionate, experienced Rails developers to build new product features and tools to tame complex workflows in all parts of our business
Senior Software Engineers at HouseTrip (London, UK or Remote)
We’re 21 developers, 6 product managers and 2 designers, passionate about building the best holiday rental website. We write good code to build an outstanding product. We need your help. If you are a passionate senior software engineer, and think you have some of the skills, drive and talent to help us to build up our team, we’d really like to hire you.
Head of UI and FrontEnd at CirroSecure [Sunnyvale, California]
Libraries, Code and Tools
mock5: Mock External APIs with Simple Sinatra Rack Apps
Pavel Pravosud
rubykiq: Sidekiq Agnostic Enqueuing using Redis
Rubykiq aims to be a portable library to push jobs in to Sidekiq with as little overhead as possible whilst having feature parity on Sidekiq::Client’s conventions.
Karl Freeman
Sass 3.3 Released
Sinatra-Sublime: A Sublime Text extension for Sinatra
Karl Coelho
Last but not least..
Hosting for your apps is getting too expensive?
Check out Shelly Cloud - a full-featured platform dedicated to Ruby apps. See how our pricing compares to other Ruby cloud hosting providers.
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