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Ruby Weekly Issue 187
March 20, 2014
Ruby Gem Configuration Patterns
A look at adapting a gem to include user-manageable custom configuration data, giving users the ability to adapt our code to their own use.
Brandon Hilkert
eurucamp 2014 Dates Announced (Aug 1-3) and CFP
eurucamp 2014 will be held around Berlin on August 1st to 3rd.
Ruby News
The New Rubygems Index Format
Part news, part technical documentation, and part request for comment. Andre explains the technicalities of the planned next generation index that allows Bundler and Rubygems to know what gems exist and how to install them.
Andre Arko
RubyConf Taiwan 2014 Registration Now Open
Ruby News
From our Sponsor
Green Code, Powered by Semaphore
Take a turn from staying late to fix a bad deploy. Or updating your test infrastructure. Set up the right continuous delivery process for you and your team. Head for green code.
Supporting Experimental Features Only During Business Hours
Let’s say you have a nifty new experimental feature for your Rails app but you don’t want the support hassles overnight. You can make these features only work during the day.
New Relic
Back to Basics: Polymorphism and Ruby
How to Beat Procrastination On Your New Rails Project
Three quick conventions Justin uses.
Justin Weiss
Easy Admin Interfaces with Active Admin in Rails
Truly 'Universal' RubyMotion Apps
Some people may not realise how easy it actually is to write RubyMotion apps that share code between iOS and OS X with a small amount of configuration and some careful thinking about where code goes.
Jack Watson-Hamblin
Routes: To Spec or Not to Spec in A Rails App?
Sylvestre Mergulhão
Implementing PUB/SUB in Rails using ActiveSupport::Notifications
Alma Connect
Jekyll Plugins on GitHub
It’s possible to host a static site on GitHub using their ‘Sites’ feature but Jekyll’s dynamic plugins will run into trouble. This approach does a local compile and then reuploads.
The Hash Selector Pattern
Skips the ifs or case/whens and use a hash when you want to map one thing to another. An overview of a common Ruby pattern that’s worth knowing.
Testing Your Ruby Code With Guard, RSpec & Pry
There's also a part 2.
A Simple Introduction to Padrino
Padrino is a simple and flexible webapp framework built on top of Sinatra.
Ruby 2.1 - Our Experience
Watching and Listening
Lightweight Business Intelligence with Ruby, Rails, and MongoDB
Big Ruby 2014
Experienced Software Engineer (Ruby) – Henley-on-Thames, UK
We’re Changeworknow – a game changer in the word of Applicant Tracking Solutions. You might never have heard of us but we’re a disruptive influence in the marketplace and we’re passionate when it comes to building the best recruitment solution in the market.
Rails Engineer at EdSurge (Education Technology Startup near SFO Airport, CA)
EdSurge is a data journalism startup covering education technology. We just closed $1.5MM funding and are looking for an Rails engineer who (1) loves writing small methods, (2) prefers AngularJS over Ember, and (3) wants to learn about the edtech industry.
Full Stack Rails Developer at Coupgon (Toronto, ON)
Have you worked on large scale multi-tenant SaaS applications? Do you find it tough to sleep at night without proper test coverage? Do you grow software through Agile Methodologies such as TDD, continuous integration, and XP?
Senior Software Engineers at HouseTrip (London, UK or Remote)
We’re 21 developers, 6 product managers and 2 designers, passionate about building the best holiday rental website. We write good code to build an outstanding product. We need your help. If you are a passionate senior software engineer, and think you have some of the skills, drive and talent to help us to build up our team, we’d really like to hire you.
Libraries, Code and Tools
order_query: Finds Next / Previous ActiveRecord Record(s) in One Query
order_query gives you next or previous records relative to the current one in an efficient manner.
Gleb Mazovetskiy
Prawn 1.0 Released: The Fast, Nimble PDF Writer for Ruby
Gregory Brown’s long standing Prawn project has its 1.0 milestone.
Gregory Brown
Doing: Command Line Tool for Keeping Track of What You’re Doing
Brett Terpstra
Last but not least..
Fix Your Ruby Performance Issues & Get a Free Shirt
Rubyists love New Relic because it’s really simple to install and delivers actionable data in minutes. New Relic lets you anticipate bottlenecks and quickly identify the root cause so you can focus on delighting your users instead of searching for bugs. Get a free t-shirt when you deploy.
New Relic (Sponsored Item)
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