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Ruby Weekly Issue 188
March 27, 2014
Rails 4.1.0: Release Candidate 2
The last stop before the final 4.1.0 is released. Of particular note are the 4.1 release notes and this guide to What’s new in Rails 4.1.
Riding Rails
Taking Webcam Photos with Ruby
Tenderlove has some fun with Ruby, OS X, and the AVCapture framework (usable via a gem) to play around with his webcam.
Aaron Patterson
Brandon Hilkert Releases His 'Build a Ruby Gem' Book
One of the most complete run throughs of the process so far. Note: It’s a paid product only.
Brandon Hilkert
Get Involved with Rails Girls Summer of Code 2014
They’re looking for interesting open source projects who’d like eager novice coders help them improve code, documentation, test, build, etc.
Rails Girls
From our Sponsor
Get real-time data from your real end-users
Learn how New Relic Browser provides valuable insights into the actual experience your real-users are having on your site. Get deep visibility into the front-end code of your web apps including browser page load times and performance breakdowns by browser and geography.
New Relic
Refactoring A 47-line Ruby Script Back to 1 using Command Line Options
At the risk of being a little bit ‘clever’ this is an interesting look at some of Ruby’s command line options in action.
Arjan van der Gaag
How to Tune A Guitar with Ruby and FFT
A fun little experiment.
Anatoli Makarevich
Deploying a Rails Application to OpenShift PaaS
OpenShift is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) from RedHat but that’s also open source and can be replicated on your own hardware.
Ramesh Jha
Creating Default Rails Active Record Model Attribute Values
W. Jason Gilmore
PDF Generation from Ruby and Rails
Joyce Echessa looks at Prawn, PDFKit and Wicked PDF.
Running Thin in A Thread to Serve Static Files
Authentication with Ember-Rails
A walk through setting up an ember-rails application using Devise for authentication.
Kris Barrett
Understanding The Object Model
Camilo Reyes takes a quick look at singleton methods and singleton classes.
Work In Progress: An Empirical Study of Static Typing in Ruby [PDF]
Daly, Sazawal and Foster
Improving Sidekiq Performance with JRuby
Ruby's Pathname API
Building a LeapMotion DrumSet in Ruby
The Carbon Emitter
Senior Ruby Developer at Lonely Planet (Nashville, TN)
Looking for a Senior RoR developer to work on, an authority in the travel space that inspires, connects, and helps over 100M travelers per year.
Lonely Planet
Senior Software Engineer at Handybook (New York, NY)
Handybook is one of the fastest growing startups in NY. We're looking for experienced engineers to help us build the products that make home services accessible and convenient on a global scale. Reach out if you like to work hard and play hard.
Software Developer at View The Space (New York, NY)
View The Space is a fast growing online leasing platform for commercial real-estate brokers and we need your help. If you love learning new technologies and have experience with Rails, JavaScript, Angular.js, iOS, TDD or all of the above, you’d be a great fit.
View The Space
Senior Software Engineers at HouseTrip (London, UK or Remote)
Libraries, Code and Tools
Offshore: Rails Remote Factories
Get the ability to use another app’s factories from your test suite as well as handling the rollbacks between tests. The code is on GitHub.
Brian Leonard
Rake 10.2.0 and 10.2.1 Released
word-to-markdown: A Word to Markdown Converter in A Gem
Ben Balter
Synvert: A Tool to Convert Ruby Code to Better Syntax
Still in a very alpha/prototype stage, but claims to parse Ruby code and automatically replace deprecated syntax according to predefined rules.
Xinmin Labs
12 Small Web Frameworks for Ruby Developers
Ahoy: Simple, Powerful Visit Tracking for Rails
Last but not least..
Shelly Cloud - Fast and easy to use Ruby hosting
‘With @ShellyCloud our heavier requests went down from 330 ms to 200 ms -> no need for optimizations, caching or rewriting as client-side app.’ Check out what our customers say about us.
Shelly Cloud (Sponsored Item)
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