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Ruby Weekly Issue 193
May 1, 2014
Test-Induced Design Damage
Following on from last week’s TDD Is Dead. Long Live Testing, DHH, creator of Rails, digs deeper into his thinking around TDD and why he thinks designing your code around its testability isn’t a great approach.
David Heinemeier Hansson
Eldritch: A Parallel Programming Constructs DSL
Things like easily defining asynchronous methods in Ruby 2.1 with ‘async def method_name’. Some interesting ideas here.
Boris Bera
Learn Advanced Rake in 7 Episodes
Avdi shares 7 short screencasts that each cover a particular aspect of using Rake, the Ruby build tool/DSL.
Avdi Grimm
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Reimplementing Ruby's Hash Using Binary Search Trees
Mostly interesting as an academic exercise.
Zach Kemp
Full Text Search in Rails
A look at performing full text search from within Rails apps using Sunspot, a library that enables integration of Solr (essentially an Apache Lucene server) with Ruby apps.
Micromessaging: Connecting Heroku Microservices w/Redis and RabbitMQ
The Carbon Emitter
The Ruby Job Market Infographic
Ruby developers who also know Angular.js get more interview requests, 72% of Ruby developers are on GitHub, and similar insights.
Slow Database Test Fallacy
DHH continues with his string of posts about testing by looking at why having his Rails tests dependent upon a database isn’t proving to be painful at all.
David Heinemeier Hansson
Mutation Testing with Mutant
'Guard' is Looking for New Maintainers
Managing Data in HBase using Ruby and Thrift
Agility Feat
Watching and Listening
RailsConf 2014 Recap: Day 4 with Aaron Patterson
Big Astronaut
Senior Software Engineers at HouseTrip (London, UK or Remote)
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Intermediate Ruby and Rails Developer at Kipu Systems (Miami, Florida)
Kipu Systems
Lead Ruby Engineer at Zendesk (San Francisco)
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Libraries, Code and Tools
RailsApps Testing Gem: Configures a Testing Stack for your Rails App
It sets up a testing framework for Rails by setting up configuration files for RSpec, Capybara, Database Cleaner, FactoryGirl, Launchy and Selenium Webdriver.
Jekyll 2.0.0.rc1 Released
Capistrano::TeamNotifications: Capistrano Notifications for All Team Members Via OSX Notification Center
RbNaCl 3.0.0: A Modern Cryptography Library for Ruby
A Ruby FFI binding to the Networking and Cryptography Library by Dan Bernstein and his collaborators.
Tony Arcieri
Various: Simple ActionPack::Variant Configuration for Rails 4.1
Rails 4.1 introduced ‘variants’ which make it easier to tailor your views to serve relevant content for specific types of client. Various provides a simple way to configure variants.
Zachary Friedman
mini-chatter: A Realtime Rack-based Chat App using websocket-rack
Offered as a proof of concept than for production use.
Damir Svrtan
Zaru: Filename Sanitization for Ruby
Useful when you generate filenames for downloads from user input.
Thomas Fuchs
Last but not least..
AppSignal: The best Rails error and performance monitoring, from $19/month
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