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Ruby Weekly Issue 199
June 12, 2014
First Beta Release of 'Rails 4 Test Prescriptions' by Noel Rappin
The Rails 4 followup to Noel’s previously successful Rails Test Prescriptions, a comprehensive guide to testing Rails apps. The current beta e-book is about two thirds of the final content with the final due by the end of summer.
The Pragmatic Bookshelf
RSpec 3.0.0 (and 2.99.0) Released
Due to many subscribers not receiving last week's issue, this key news is worth repeating.
Myron Marston
The Rails/Merb Merge In Retrospect
Giles takes on the history of the Rails/Merb merger (which resulted in Rails 3) and reflects on the significant but perhaps little used improvements in modularity that resulted.
Giles Bowkett
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Get real-time data from your real end-users
Learn how New Relic Browser provides valuable insights into the actual experience your real-users are having on your site. Get deep visibility into the front-end code of your web apps including browser page load time breakdowns by browser and geography.
New Relic
The Many Shades of the Ruby Programming Language
A look at each of the different main Ruby implementations such as Rubinius, MRI and JRuby, and the roles they play.
Ryan Wilcox
Writing a Domain-Specific Language in Ruby
A quick look at the basics of building an internal DSL in Ruby, leaning heavily on blocks and instance_eval.
YAGNI Methods Slow Us Down
Just read it, it’s tenderlove.
Aaron Patterson
Using Rails 4.1 Secrets for Configuration
Rails 4.1 generates a new ‘secrets.yml’ file in an app’s config folder. It can be used to store ‘secrets’ such as access keys.
Brandon Hilkert
5 Reasons Why Rubyists Will Love Swift
Matt Sears
A Comprehensive Guide To Debugging Rails
Feedback systems for finding errors in your web application. Essentially a collection of ten blog posts each covering a variety of techniques and tools in certain areas for debugging Rails applications and deployments such as working with Git, memcached, Pry, logging, Chrome Devtools, and more.
Jack Kinsella
How Do You Choose The Right Libraries for Your Rails App?
Justin Weiss
An Introduction to 'Mutations'
Elian Krosse shows off a library called Mutations that makes it easier to compose your business logic into ‘commands’ that can also sanitize and validate input.
MoneyBird Engineering
Universal Ruby Gems in 20 Lines of Code
How to prepare a Ruby Gem to work in Ruby, Opal.rb and RubyMotion without any further modifications.
Cross Platform Ruby
Shared Terminology Yet Different Concepts Between Ember.js and Rails
Why Swift Will Never Replace RubyMotion
The MotionInMotion Blog
Watching and Listening
Writing Games with Ruby
In 32 minutes, Mike Moore introduces the basics of game programming and how to implement games in Ruby using the Gosu library.
Ruby on Ales 2014
Building Complex Domains in Rails
Modelling large, complex domains ‘the Rails way’ can be painful. The goal is to allow your Rails application to express the domain so that the business logic is clear-cut, easy to grok, and laid out in a way that reduces unnecessary complexities and coupling. (50 minute video, requires registration.)
Quick Left
Rails Lead at Elgato Systems (San Francisco or Munich)
Be a big part of something bigger. If you're passionate about working on amazing consumer products, we are looking for you.
Elgato Systems
Junior and Senior Ruby Developers Wanted (UK)
HotelsIndex is a funded travel startup, we're looking for a pair of Ruby developers to join our team in North England. You'll have a high-level of autonomy, flexible working hours and a valued input into the business.
Ruby on Rails Engineer - Senior and Junior Positions at 3Scale (Barcelona)
3scale's serves billions of requests per month and our users are savvy technical folks who like to have things "work right" - so the position involves putting your skills to the test in combining a high performance system with excellent usability.
Libraries, Code and Tools
Business: Simple Business Date Calculations in Ruby
SeedMigrations: Like Schema Migrations, But for Your Data
Rather than changing how your Rails app’s database is structured, SeedMigrations would be useful for things like adding new data to a database, changing tax or delivery rates, (un)capitalizing product titles, etc.
Pierre Jambet
Dawn: Docker-Based PaaS in Ruby
A PaaS (Platform as a Service) that leverages Rails and Docker and implements a Heroku-like interface, with an API-first approach. (Incidentally, Docker 1.0 was released this week.)
Sidekiq-ActiveRecord: Making Sidekiq and ActiveRecord Play Better Together
Sidekiq::Activerecord encapsulates common patterns and various interactions between Sidekiq and ActiveRecord. The code is on GitHub.
Sidekiq ORM Project
orats: Opinionated Rails Application Templates and Ansible Playbook
Nick Janetakis
Last but not least..
Fix bugs in production before your boss even notices.
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