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EOL for Ruby 1.8.7/1.9.2, retrofitting tests, a curated list of Ruby tools, writing readable feature tests
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Ruby Weekly
Issue 203 — July 10, 2014
Ruby News
Extended maintenance of Ruby versions 1.8.7 and 1.9.2 will end on July 31, 2014 after a six month extension graciously supported by Heroku.

Avdi Grimm
Avdi Grimm has documented the process of retrofitting tests to a test-less Sinatra app using RSpec, Rake::Test, Capybara, EmailSpec and Pony, mocking OmniAuth callbacks, and DatabaseCleaner. Very useful.

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Marc Anguera Insa
All split up into a ton of categories such as caching, file uploads, style guides, WebSockets, threading, etc. All it’s missing is Ruby Weekly, haha.

Chris Zetter, a developer in the FutureLearn product team, talks about how the team writes feature tests after moving from Cucumber to RSpec in the pursuit of maintainable and readable tests.


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