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Ruby Weekly Issue 21
December 23, 2010
Welcome to issue 21 of Ruby Weekly and a merry Christmas to you all. Apologies if you're reading this long after the holidays but Ruby Weekly carries on regardless! :-)
Notable news
Rubinius 1.2 Released: A Blog, Better Documentation and More of a Good Thing
Three months on from the 1.1 release, Rubinius 1.2 has hit the streets bringing together 242 commits from 10 developers. As well as the typical bugfixes and performance tweaks that come with any implementation update, 1.2 brings some underlying structural changes. The team are also looking for your help..
RDoc 3 Released
Ruby's de-facto documentation generation tool has hit its third major version. It drops support for 1.8.6 but comes with lots of tweaks and improvements. See further down in this issue for another link relating to a new feature.
The Heroku + Indextank App Contest is Underway
Want to win a MacBook Air or some other goodies? Got some time over the holidays to let your hair down? Check out Heroku and Indextank's holiday contest. It ends January 6th 2011 so you still have plenty of time to enter.
Notable articles
Ruby Test::Unit Sucks! (and why I still use it)
After first having a distaste for it, Evan Light sticks up for Test::Unit and shows off some of its best properties before introducing his 'Coulda' set of Test::Unit improvements.
The state of Ruby, RDF and Rails 3
Eric Kidd looks at the state of RDF (Resource Description Framework - an XML-based metadata and information modelling format) on Ruby with a look at RDF.rb, ActiveRDF, and some other RDF tools. If RDF is anywhere on your technology list, this is a must read.
RDoc 3 Coverage Reports
Eric Hodel shows off the new 'coverage report' feature of RDoc 3. Essentially, RDoc can now produce a coverage report showing which classes, modules, methods and attributes are missing documentation. Fancy cleaning up the stdlib docs, anyone? ;-)
'Extending JRuby' Presentation
JRuby guru Jeremy Hinegardner presents a well recorded talk about building Java extensions for JRuby and the burgeoning support for using existing C extensions. It's about 35 minutes long. Be sure to turn HD on and go full screen to see all of the code clearly.
Being Awesome with the MongoDB Ruby Driver
Ethan Gunderson presents a great ORM-free walkthrough of using MongoDB from Ruby using the raw MongoDB driver library. Mongomapper and Mongoid are popular ORMs for using MongoDB but Gunderson's walkthrough skips them and shows you how things work at a lower level.
Notable libraries and code
RailsAdmin: Good Looking Admin Panels for your Rails 3 App
RailsAdmin is a Rails 3 engine that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your data and under active development by Erik Michaels-Ober and Bogdan Gaza. It looks great.
New tools
For a Good Strftime
For a Good Strftime is a Web page that promises 'easy skeezy Ruby date/time formatting.' It's basically Rubular for strftime date/time formatting in Ruby and should certainly save me Googling for the PHP strftime references ;-)
Hero Scale - Automatic Heroku Scaling
Hero Scale is an easy to use service that autoscales your Heroku apps. Set a minimum and maximum range for your Heroku Dynos and Heroku Workers and Hero Scale automatically optimizes your app to provide the best response times while minimizing your Heroku bill.
Ruby Job of the Week
Ruby on Rails Support [Chicago, IL]
Braintree, one of the biggest payment system providers in the Ruby world (GitHub and 37signals are customers), are looking for an exceptional Rails developer for their team. You need to be a tech savvy, self managing, resourceful developer, and be willing to work in Chicago, IL.
Last but not least..
Get On The Rails 3 Train Over The Holidays with Rails Tutorial
Michael Hartl's Rails 3 Tutorial book is a great way to learn Rails 3 in a step by step fashion. Either read the book online for free or buy the PDF + screencasts for 500 pages and 15+ hours of 'do it like an expert' training. Y'know what's really cool? Michael goes into testing with RSpec all the way - refreshing stuff.
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