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Using and/or, ideas for Rack 2.0, process coordination in Ruby, and the 'return' of fixtures.
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Ruby Weekly
Issue 210 — August 28, 2014
Avdi Grimm
A tight five minute presentation and investigation into using ‘and’ and ‘or’ versus && and ||

Aaron Patterson
The new maintainer of Rack, Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson, is noodling on ideas for the next major version of the Ruby Web server interface. Nothing to use yet, but he’s looking for ideas and quite simply wants to ‘make the HTTP landscape for Ruby even more amazing!’

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Andrew Warner
A look at some practical examples of how to use methods and naming techniques to avoid having comments in your code.

James Edward Gray II
JEG2 plays around with doing some intelligent process coordination in Ruby.

Jason Roelofs
“Fixtures are no longer a feature to be feared or ostracized. They are fantastic for keeping your tests fast.” I agree, I've been working on a Rails 4.2 app this week and they're better than I remember..


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