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ruby-2.2.0-preview1, a new Rails admin framework, Ruby Security Watch, upgrading from Rails 3.2 to 4.2 + more.
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Ruby Weekly
Issue 213 — September 18, 2014
The first formal preview release of Ruby 2.2 is out, including incremental garbage collection (will decrease GC pause times), garbage collection of symbols, updates to core and bundled libraries, and more.

If dipping into JavaScript or CoffeeScript gives you the chills, Volt might interest you. It’s a reactive Web framework that uses Ruby both server and client-side (using Opal) with automatically updating DOM elements, etc.

Security Watch lets you look at the most popular open source projects on GitHub to see if they have potential CVE or code vulnerabilities. The goal of the project is to raise security awareness in the Ruby world.

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Starts from as simple as a two line integration, but beyond that every view can be customized and actions can be tied into your existing code.

Avdi Grimm
A frustrating Ruby debugging experience leads Avdi to ask some questions.

Justin Gordon
Zeus and Spring are both Rails app preloaders (the latter an official part of Rails 4) but how do they compare?

Ken Collins
Ken Collins looks at some of the things to keep in mind when upgrading a Rails app from 3.2 to 4.2 (still in beta). Some good points in the reader comments too.


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