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Ruby Weekly Issue 22
December 30, 2010
Welcome to issue 22. I hope you had a great holiday season and are recharging your batteries for 2011. In 4 months, Ruby Weekly has gone from nothing to 3600 subscribers, so thank you! If you can help keep spreading the news by forwarding this to people who might be interested, etc, I'll be sure to keep my nose out for the most interesting Ruby and Rails news each week :-)
Notable news
The Ruby Community's Christmas Releases
Over on Ruby Inside I summarized a collection of Ruby related releases that occurred on Christmas Day. These include Ruby 1.8.7-p330, Ruby 1.9.2-p136, posix_mq 0.6.0, graph 2.0.0, Sinatra 1.1.1, and Hackety Hack 1.0.
RubyInstaller 1.9.2-p136 Released (Ruby on Windows)
RubyInstaller is the de facto way to get a reliable Ruby install running on Windows these days and Luis Laverna spent two days over Christmas getting RubyInstaller up to speed with Ruby 1.9.2-p136 and 1.8.7-p330. There are also some key enhancements to the 'DevKit' that is used to compile C extensions on Windows with RubyInstaller.
Notable articles
Getting to Know the Ruby Standard Library - Pathname
Adam Sanderson continues his long tour through the Ruby standard library with a look at the 'pathname' library. Pathname is a wrapper for the String class that makes it easier to put together path and file names while still being usable in ordinary file and shell commands.
How to Install Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.0 on Ubuntu 10.10
Ryan Biggs has written a handy guide to using RVM to painlessly get Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.0 set up on Ubuntu 10.10. I took it a step further with a screencast following the same route. You can get access to both through this Ruby Inside post.
Rails 3 Cheat Sheets
Gregg Pollack and the Envy Labs team have put together some pretty and comprehensive PDF cheat sheets for Rails 3.
Ruboto: JRuby on Android [Video Presentation]
Charles Nutter of the JRuby project presents a 40 minute talk on Ruboto, a JRuby-based set of technologies that bring Ruby to the Android mobile and tablet platform. Thank you, arigato.
A Vim text-object for Ruby blocks
Not being a Vim user, this is a little over my head (I know, I know..) but it's been recommended to me a few times for inclusion here. Essentially, it's a small Vim add-on that makes it easier to select blocks in Ruby.
An Introduction to View Inheritance in Rails 3.0.4
Nick Sutterer gives a walkthrough of a forthcoming feature in Rails 3.0.4: view inheritance. What is it, how does it help, and, well, what's the point? A little bit of a brain stretcher, this one.
Notable libraries and code
Twilio.rb: The Ruby way to interact with the Twilio API
Twilio is a popular 'cloud communications' service that makes it easy for developers to rig up phone-based systems. Twilio.rb is a new library by Steve Graham that has 100% test coverage, implements support for the entire Twilio REST API, TwiML, and has Rails 3 integration out of the box.
VCR: Record and Play Back Your Test Suite's HTTP Calls
VCR will help you have more defined, deterministic tests for parts of your code that make HTTP requests. It supports multiple HTTP stubbing and client libraries and works well with most of the major test libraries and on 7 different Ruby interpreters!
map.rb 2.0.0: An Ordered String/Symbol-Indifferent Hash
map.rb by Ara Howard is described as 'the awesome ruby container you've always wanted: a string/symbol indifferent ordered hash that works in all rubies'.
Parsle 1.0: A PEG Parser Generator
Parsle is a small Ruby library for constructing parsers in the PEG (Parsing Expression Grammar) fashion by Kaspar Schiess. Using Treetop at the moment? Check this out for an interesting alternative.
On a more personal note..
My 4 Week Introductory Ruby Course - Starting January 2011
I'm teaching an online, 4 week introductory Ruby programming course starting January 10, 2011. It's for people who want to go from bare essentials to being a intermediate Ruby developer with the confidence to progress further. Lots of opportunities for live help and one-on-one advice direct from me too. Even if it's not for you, perhaps your boss or co-workers could benefit? ;-) While we have 41 people registered as 'interested' so far, we're limiting the class to 24 max and there are still spaces.
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