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Ezra Zygmuntowicz, Ruby 2.2.0preview2, Rails 4.2.0rc1, foreign keys, and more.
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Ruby Weekly
Issue 224 — December 5, 2014

Your eyes do not deceive you, Ruby Weekly is a day late due to illness - sorry! :-)

Ruby News
Don’t put this into production yet, but 2.2 will be an exciting release, particularly due to the much improved garbage collection.

Official Rails Blog
The release notes highlight the key features. Even the preview builds have felt solid to me. This release marks the beginning of Rails 5 dev too, as 4.2 becomes the last 4.x stable branch.

Hacker News
Ezra was a key part of the Rails community, founder of Engine Yard, and original developer of Merb. A memorial fund for his son has been created.

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RailsBricks is a gem that “enables you to create Rails apps much faster by automating mundane setup tasks and configuring useful common gems”.

Rails will help you create foreign key references at the app layer, but doesn’t often enforce it at the data layer. Fortunately this isn’t hard to resolve.

Chris Kottom
Minitest provides various options you can use from the command line to tailor your test runs.

A ruby-prof printer that prints fold stacks compatible with FlameGraph, a way to visualize stack traces, making it obvious where time is spent.

Ruby Tree Software
A series of screencasts that show how to deploy a simple Rails app to a single server, oriented around Ubuntu, Postgres, nginx, and Unicorn.

Sam Saffron


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