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Ruby Weekly Issue 23
January 6, 2011
Welcome to issue 23 of Ruby Weekly. 2011 has finally arrived and I'm looking forward to a great year in the world of Ruby. We should see big strides with Rubinius, official and stable Ruby 1.9 support in JRuby, Rails 3.1, big MacRuby announcements, and more - bring it on!
Notable news
RubyGems 1.4.X Released (But Ruby 1.9 Users Steer Clear)
On December 30, Ryan Davis released RubyGems 1.4.0 and then 1.4.1 the following day. The main point, sadly, is that you should NOT update if you're using MRI Ruby 1.9 as it will break. Two better points are that you get fuzzy name matching on install failures and progress indicators during gem downloads.
RSpec 2.4.0 Released
David Chelimsky has unveiled the latest release of popular BDD framework RSpec. 2.4 isn't a huge update but brings the usual bug fixes and minor enhancements. On Twitter, Kenneth Kalmer boasts of a suite going from 11 seconds under 2.0 to 1.1 seconds under 2.4 so.. give it a try.
Save Coding Time with the Production-Ready SaaS Rails Kit
Why spend a week or two on billing code for your app when you can spend an hour or two on it instead? Get the SaaS Rails Kit and save yourself some time. One week only: use the coupon code "rubyweekly" and get 20% off!
Notable articles
Map-Reduce With Ruby Using Hadoop
Phil Whelan of High Scalability presents a walkthrough of starting up an Apache Hadoop cluster, loading data into it, and writing map-reduce scripts in Ruby to run against it. If you have large amounts of data you need to crunch across a cluster and want to still use Ruby, this is a great intro to some powerful tech.
Tenderlove's Awesome Performance and Benchmarking Talk
In this video of his RubyConf 2010 presentation, Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson shares how he got commit rights to both Ruby and Rails before moving on to a compelling tour of performance analysis, benchmarking, and optimization in Ruby. I don't watch many videos in full but this was great.
Giving up on Ruby packaging on Debian
Lucas Nussbaum has stood down from his involvement in packaging Ruby for Debian (a Linux variant). He points to a number of frustrations with the Ruby community and Ruby's release processes. There's also a link to a lengthy Hacker News discussion on the topic of Ruby packaging in Ubuntu.
Maze Generation Algorithms with Jamis Buck
Jamis Buck of 37signals is doing a series of blog posts about 'maze generation' algorithms. His latest covers 'Kruskal's Algorithm' but there are two others you can tuck in to too.
Ruby on Windows - The Last Frontier
In hiring Wayne E Seguin to work on building a better Ruby and Rails experience for Windows users, it's clear Engine Yard is fighting guns a-blazing for Windows users in 2011. As a stopgap, Josh Hamilton presents a list of links and resources for Windows-based developers to use right now to make life a little easier.
The ChangeLog Interviews Steve Klabnik (of Hackety Hack fame)
Last week, Steve Klabnik released version 1.0 of the revived ex-'why the lucky stiff' project, Hackety Hack. This week, popular open source podcast The Changelog caught up with him for a chat about Why, Hackety Hack, The Shoebox, and GTK.
Notable libraries and code
ClassyCAS: A Centralized Authentication App
ClassyCAS is a CAS server implementation built on top of Sinatra using Redis as a ticket store, and developed with a highly annotated test suite pulled from the CAS 2.0 spec. It provides a way to factor out your authentication from your apps into a single centralized one.
Native RPM and Yum Packages for Phusion Passenger on RedHat Linuxes
Phusion has announced native Passenger 3.0 packages for RedHat, Fedora, CentOS and similar RedHat-derived RPM distros (including ScientificLinux). If you need these, you'll know it.
Keycutter: Extend RubyGems to Support Multiple Accounts
Multiple accounts? Manage your keys with ease. Keycutter adds account management to rubygems, so you can manage gems for multiple accounts or organizations. The 'gem keys' command will let you manage multiple API keys.
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Ruby/Rails Engineers [Edinburgh/Cambridge, UK]
FreeAgent is a fast growing and hugely popular UK based startup obsessed with building fantastic online accounting software. We're a small team of smart people looking to hire productive Ruby and Rails developers in Edinburgh or Cambridge. You'll be working on adding and maintaining features for our existing applications and making sure our software scales up as we inevitably take over the world.
Ruby on Rails Developer [Telecommute, USA]
Goldstar is a ticket and entertainment company looking for a full-time Rails developer to join a geographically-dispersed, test-happy, and pair-friendly team of developers building services for 1.2 million members across the US. This job does not demand you be based near Pasadena, CA (though that's ideal) but at least one visit per year to HQ is required.
Rails Developer [Bay Area, CA]
Solar Universe is a solar energy company looking for a top notch Rails developer with commercial experience and experience with GitHub, Capistrano and cloud hosting services. A competitive base, stock options, bonus and benefits are offered.
Last but not least..
30 Videos from RubyConf 2010 Now Online
They've been coming out in dribs and drabs but now all of the videos from 2010's RubyConf in New Orleans are online. See keynotes from Dave Thomas, DHH, and Matz, technical sessions from Aman Gupta and Brian Ford, or the latest on MacRuby from Matt Aimonetti.
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