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Ruby Weekly Issue 24
January 13, 2011
It's.... issue 24 of Ruby Weekly! I'm working on a slightly tweaked design for future issues so if you have any suggestions or things you want me to do, drop me a line at
Notable news
JRuby 1.6.0 RC1 Released (With A 1.9.2 Flavor)
After 9 months of hard work, the JRuby team have unveiled the first release candidate of JRuby 1.6.0, a significant leap forward in the JRuby world. The big leaps forward are with Ruby 1.9.2 support and Windows compatibility.
Michael Hartl's 'Rails 3 Tutorial: Learn Rails By Example' Released by Addison-Wesley
You might know Michael Hartl from Well, Addison Wesley picked up his book and it's now available in a pretty 576 page paperback tome for your enjoyment if you prefer paper to reading off of the screen. A solid guide to Rails 3 for beginners and it has 18 5-star reviews already on Amazon!
RedDotRubyConf: SE Asia's 1st Ruby Conference Announced
RedDotRubyConf 2011 taking part in Singapore on April 22-23 bills itself as 'South East Asia's first Ruby and Rails conference'. Speakers so far include Matz, Dave Thomas, Chad Fowler, and Tom Preston-Werner.
Notable articles
Ruby-Core Speaks on Ruby 1.8.8, 1.9.3 and 2.0
The ruby-core mailing list has been a flurry of activity this week and some interesting tidbits about the future of the Ruby 1.8 branch (including a potential Ruby 1.8.8 release) as well as Ruby 1.9.3 and Ruby 2.0 are shared. Ruby Inside summarizes the juicy parts.
Ruby Performance Testing Tips and Tricks
Four of the Thoughtbot guys have a post on the Engine Yard blog collecting together four 'mini posts' into one; all are about performance testing and a specific tip or trick to make it smoother.
Harvest's Road To Rails 3
Dee Zsombor of Harvest (a popular time tracking webapp) spills the beans on how their 5 year old codebase fared upon being converted to Rails 3 standards. With 32 plugins, 82 gem dependencies, and over 100K lines of code, it was a mammoth task by any measure..
Chicago's Ruby Developer Crisis
Dave Hoover laments how difficult it is to hire Ruby developers in Chicago right now. The article isn't quite as interesting as all of the discussion it's spawned both in the comments and on Reddit.
Kerry Buckley's RSpec 2 Presentation
Kerry Buckley has put together a great 75 slide presentation about RSpec 2 for a recent meeting of the Ipswich Ruby User Group. It's a good walkthrough (use arrows or space bar to navigate).
Proposal: A Kernel#ruby Method
Charles Nutter of the JRuby team proposes the implementation of a Kernel#ruby method in order to invoke a new instance of the currently running Ruby interpreter. This has some significant benefits in the world of JRuby where multiple instances of Ruby can co-exist peacefully within the same JVM.
Notable libraries and code
Micetrap: Catch Hackers and Port Scanners In The Act
Micetrap is a Ruby-based tool by Josep M Bach that sets 'traps' (open ports simulating fake vulnerable services), notifies you about scans and misleads potential attackers by giving them false information about services and versions running behind those ports.
Gemedit: Easily Open A Gem's Source
Gemedit is a RubyGems extension that makes it easy to open up the source for a gem in your favorite text editor. For example, to open gemedit itself, you could run 'gem edit gemedit'!
twitter-text-rb: Text Processing Helpers for Tweets
twitter-text-rb is a library that provides text processing routines for Twitter 'tweets'. It unifies the various auto-linking and extraction of usernames, lists, hash-tags, and URLs.
to_lang: Google Powered Translation for Strings
to_lang is a Ruby library by Jimma Cuadra that adds language translation methods to strings, backed by the Google Translate API.
A WebKit Plugin Written in MacRuby
Eloy Duran has put together an interesting little project: a WebKit plugin written in MacRuby. There's a screencast too showing how it works. The only downside? Existing builds of existing mainstream browsers don't support the garbage collection MacRuby craves..
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Ruby/Rails Engineers [Edinburgh/Cambridge, UK]
FreeAgent is a fast growing and hugely popular UK based startup obsessed with building fantastic online accounting software. We're a small team of smart people looking to hire productive Ruby and Rails developers in Edinburgh or Cambridge. You'll be working on adding and maintaining features for our existing applications and making sure our software scales up as we inevitably take over the world.
Ruby on Rails Developer [Boston, MA]
The District Management Council is looking for an experienced Web developer with 2+ years of Rails and JavaScript experience plus MySQL, HTML, and CSS proficiency to work on their Web applications helping to dramatically improve public education in America today.
Ruby/Java Software Engineers [Arlington, VA]
Healthcentral is an online health information site looking for, ideally, a developer experienced with both Java and Ruby related technologies. A BS/MS in Computer Science is preferred, along with 2-4 years of industry experience preferably in startup environments.
Last but not least..
The Changelog Interviews Aaron 'Tenderlove' Patterson
Aaron Patterson is the mastermind behind Nokogiri and much of the forthcoming Rails 3.1 and a much respected member of the Ruby community. The Changelog spent 30 minutes with him - it's a good listen. I bet you'll be surprised what his day job is..
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