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Ruby Weekly
Issue 246 — May 14, 2015
Justin Weiss
Justin shows off the powerful rack-mini-profiler and flamegraph tools that present you with performance related data right in the pages you’re accessing during development.

Mike Perham
Ruby’s ‘Timeout’ module can cause serious problems and Mike Perham compels you to stop using it entirely. (But the comments left are also very interesting.)

Richard Schneeman
A look at how your Ruby code uses memory, how object retention results in increasing memory use, how in-place modification avoids object allocations, and some tools to monitor memory use.

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Lucas Mazza
An RSpec devotee decided to give Minitest a go, enjoyed the experience, and shares some insights here.

Avdi Grimm
A fun video from Avdi Grimm in which he shows off some of the benefits of the development approach in Smalltalk (a language which heavily influenced Ruby).

Pat Shaughnessy
A walkthrough of adopting a more functional solution for a simple text parsing problem in Ruby.


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