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Ruby Weekly
Issue 277 — December 17, 2015
Jamis Buck
Jamis Buck cleverly bends Ruby to his will yet again (remember dynamic def?) - this time using Proc#parameters to implement a clever way to access data in a hash.

Ruby News
We’ve covered 2.3’s features a few times already, but new this time are RubyVM::InstructionSequence methods (#to_binary and .load_from_binary) for exporting and importing Ruby bytecode, as well as Enumerator::Lazy#grep_v and using unary - and + on String to return frozen and modifiable strings respectively.

Richard Schneeman
Richard Schneeman continues his series by demonstrating how to generate a heap dump from an app running on Heroku and analyze the results.

Corgibytes  Sponsored
Tackling technical debt and integrating disparate systems is fun, too. (Yes, really.)


Robert Pankowecki
A look at the practice of making fake adapters to third party services to enable more robust testing of the main app.

Ruby News
Includes a security fix for Fiddle (the libffi wrapper) and DL, plus some minor bug fixes. Ruby 2.1.8 and 2.0.0-p648 have also been released to fix the vulnerability.

The OMR project makes pieces of IBM’s J9 JVM available to other language runtimes. A technical explanation and some bits to play with are available here.

Mike Perham
The creator of Sidekiq knows a thing or two about threaded code and shares some tips on how to test multithreaded code here.


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