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Ruby Weekly Issue 29
February 17, 2011
Welcome to issue 29 of Ruby Weekly! I've been busy redesigning and over the last week so check those out if you get a chance - big things coming along with those sites soon! And, as always, thanks for reading Ruby Weekly.
Rails Test Prescriptions Now in Print
Rails Test Prescriptions is a book by Noel Rappin about testing Rails apps. It covers TDD from both theoretical and practical perspectives as well as tools like RSpec, Shoulda, Cucumber, Factory Girl, and Rcov. It's available as an e-book already and has also just gone to print.
Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.8.7-2011.01 released
REE is a server-oriented, optimized distribution of MRI Ruby 1.8 by Phusion (the Passenger guys). This new release brings it up to Ruby 1.8.7-p330 level, includes RubyGems 1.5.2, and throws in a few other minor enhancements and fixes.
RubyGems 1.5.2 Released
The RubyGems package management framework gets a minor update in the form of a fix to make 'gem update --system' work again across the board.
Create Your Own Programming Language eBook + Screencast
'How to Create Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language' is an e-book and screencast set by Marc-Andre Cournoyer that provides a primer in building a small language of your own. Trivia: It inspired Jeremy Ashkenas to create CoffeeScript..
Articles and Tutorials
Exception Handling in Ruby
Michael Edgar examines exception handling in Ruby - specifically how 'rescue' works out which exceptions to handle. He produces a quick but interesting example of an exception 'matcher' powered by 'rescue's use of ===.
Using Sinatra with Bundler to deploy on Heroku
Nathan Humbert struggled to find any documentation on easily deploying a Bundler-powered Sinatra app on Heroku so.. he's written one!
Modern MS SQL Server & Rails
In a guest post for Engine Yard, Ken Collins talks about the (Microsoft) SQL Server adapter for Rails, ODBC, TDS, and how they can all work together.
Better Mocking in Ruby
Jared Carroll of Carbon Five shares some tips and strategies on how to better use mocks in your testing workflow. Tight and to the point.
Delivering E-mail On A User's Behalf from a Rails App
Dan Croak demonstrates a recipe for providing a better user experience in e-mails sent between users of his Rails app. It's a quick recipe leaning on email_spec, Cucumber, and ActionMailer. Why We Bought Heroku
Just 2 months ago, acquired the popular Heroku webapp hosting service for approximately $212 million in cash. Dan Woods spoke to Ariel Kelman and Byron Sebastian (of Salesforce and Heroku respectively) about the future of both brands.
Meet PostgreSQL
Xavier Shay and Geoffrey Grosenbach present the latest PeepCode screencast - an hour long introduction to PostgreSQL (a popular open source RDBMS). If you’re familiar with databases but want to add Postgres to your toolbox, this is the video for you!
Using CarrierWave for File Uploads
CarrierWave makes it easy and clean to add file uploads to your application. It supports a variety of ORMs, frameworks and image processors. Ryan Bates shows you how.
An Introduction to Haml has released a (free) screencast that introduces you to a popular (but somewhat divisive) Ruby templating library. If you already love/hate Haml, this isn't going to sway you but if you're new to it, check it out.
Libraries and code
travis: Distributed CI using Rails, WebSockets, and Redis
A small team of Rubyists led by Sven Fuchs are working on an interesting continuous integration tool called Travis. Wynn Netherland looks at how it works.
Comfortable Mexican Sofa: A Micro CMS for your Rails 3 App
ComfortableMexicanSofa is a tiny and powerful micro CMS for your Rails 3 application - it's a plugin for your application, not the other way around. It looks straightforward and rather useful.
rbtrace: Like strace, but for Ruby
rbtrace shows you method calls happening inside another ruby process in real time. rbtrace works on ruby 1.8 and 1.9 running on Linux and OS X.
rails-activerecord-columnreader: Column Based Fetching
rails-activerecord-columnreader is a small and creatively named (!) library by Tom Ward that adds some simple column based retrieval functionality to your ActiveRecord models.
Capybara Eats Steak
The popular Capybara Rack integration testing toolkit has integrated a DSL for creating descriptive acceptance tests when using RSpec (as you can do with the Steak library).
Kaminari: Clean Engine-based Pagination for Rails 3
Just bundle Akira Matsuda's Kaminari in your Rails 3 app and you get pagination scopes for your Rails 3 models.
activemodel-warnings - Optional/Skippable Validations for AR Models
This gem allows you to mark some validations as optional using a simple syntax and let them be skipped by setting one attribute. Works with ActiveModel and ActiveRecord.
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Web Developer [San Francisco, California]
Do you have a passion for design as well as code? Hybrid Design wants you! They're working for clients like Apple, Nike, and TED and need a full-time Web developer with both Ruby and design chops.
Ruby on Rails Developer [Chicago and Denver]
Obtiva is looking for developers for its Chicago and Denver locations - no 'rock stars' or 'ninjas' but passionate, friendly team players with Ruby, Rails, and Agile experience.
Ruby Developer [Evanston, Illinois]
Celect builds member-management systems for organizations like churches and fraternities. They need a full-time Ruby developer for their engineering team who has experience with RSpec, Passenger, and PostgreSQL. The job is on-site in Evanston, IL.
Last but not least..
The Ruby Show: Me and Jason Seifer Goofing Off Weekly
We didn't do a big announcement or anything but for the last few months I've been the co-host of The Ruby Show, a weekly 20-30 minute Ruby and Rails news podcast. It's good fun (for us, at least!) and might provide an interesting alternative to reading from time to time.
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