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Ruby Weekly Issue 31
March 3, 2011
Welcome to issue 31 of Ruby Weekly. Let's get to it:
Phusion Unveils Union Station - Webapp Monitoring for Passenger
Phusion has unveiled a new product.. Union Station! It's a webapp monitoring and analysis service built around their popular Passenger Ruby webapp hosting system.
RubyGems 1.6.0 Released - Nicer Dependency Resolution
Barely a month after RubyGems 1.5.0 was released, Eric Hodel has pushed out RubyGems 1.6! The biggest enhancement comes in the way RubyGems resolves dependencies but there are many minor tweaks too.
MacRuby 0.9 Released - Lots of Stability Fixes
MacRuby 0.9's highlights include 'lots of stability fixes', some performance improvements, an upgrade to RubyGems, as well as enhancements to the macruby_deploy app packaging tool. Roll on 1.0!
Rails 3.0.5 Released
Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson pushes out his first Rails release - 3.0.5. It's really only a bug-fix release but paves the way to the more exciting Rails 3.1 coming down the line.
DHH Suggests A Change to RubyGems - People Go Nuts
David Heinemeier Hansson suggested that RubyGems shouldn't build RDoc and RI documentation by default and invited people to "+1" his pull request on GitHub. It got a bit crazy..
RubyNation Conference - April 1-2, 2011 - Reston, VA
The annual RubyNation conference is on! It's April 1-2 in Reston, VA. Speakers include Dr Nic, Russ Olsen, Blake Mizerany, Dave Thomas, and more.. and there are fewer than 30 tickets left!
Articles and Tutorials
Rails 3.0.3 with Ruby 1.9.2 and REE 1.8.7 - Who's Fastest?
Fabio Akita puts Rails 3.0.3 through its paces with Ruby 1.9.2 and Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.8.7. You'll be surprised (or maybe not, now I've said that!)
Why Use Rubinius? Here's Why
Brian Ford answers the big question: 'Why should you use Rubinius?' He looked at several types of Rubyist and digs into what Rubinius could mean for you.
A Review of 'Eloquent Ruby' by Russ Olsen
'Eloquent Ruby' by Russ Olsen is the first Ruby book I've read in its entirety within 24 hours; it's that good. I've given it a full review over on Ruby Inside.
Easy Rails Asset Handling with HTML5 & S3
Matt Beale demonstrates how to tie up Rails, Amazon's S3 storage service, and an HTML5-powered uploading system to handle and store file uploads through your Rails app.
Benchmarking TorqueBox - Deploying Webapps with JRuby
TorqueBox is a JRuby- and JBoss-powered webapp deployment toolkit and the TorqueBox team have run some benchmarks comparing it to Thin, Passenger, Unicorn and Trinidad.
Terminitor: Hasta la vista redundant commands!
Terminitor is a Ruby-based tool that provides a DSL for rapidly initializing terminal sessions complete with windows and tabs however you like them. Danish Khan shows you how to get it doing what you want.
Rapid Prototyping with Sinatra
Al Shaw has put together a walkthrough on using Sinatra to put together a small Ruby-powered webapp quickly. Haven't yet drunk the Sinatra kool-aid? Check it out.
Using Haml with Rails 3
In this screencast from, see how to use Haml in a new Rails project, how to integrate it into an existing project, and how to convert any pre-existing ERB templates into Haml.
Undo with Paper Trail
Ryan Bates presents a new episode of Railscasts about adding 'undo' functionality to your data in a Rails app using the Paper Trail versioning library.
Libraries and code
gem-tldr: Strip The Crud From Your Gems
Are your gems taking up too much disk space? Documentation got you down? Wipe them out with Eric Hodel's gem-tldr. This sure seems like a tongue in cheek response to the earlier DHH story..
Easystats: Statistical Functions For Your Arrays
Easystats provides a fistful of easy to use statistical functions to use on an array, including mean, median, standard deviation, mode, and variance.
Swish! A Ruby wrapper for the Dribbble API
Swish! is a library by Jeremy Weiskotten that provides access to Dribbble's API. Dribbble is a popular 'show and tell' site for designers lucky enough to get invited in.
Octopus: Database Sharding for ActiveRecord
Octopus lets you easily access a horizontally partitioned database using the ActiveRecord you already know and love.
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Innovation Developer [San Francisco, California] - the new owners of Heroku - have a very interesting role for you. They want a generalist used to working with cutting edge coding tools (things like CoffeeScript and Raphael) to work on innovative new projects. Sounds like fun!
Ruby Developer [Melbourne, Australia]
TrikeApps wants a Ruby developer for their Melbourne, Australia office and they're offering assistance to move there if you need it (relocation and visa sponsorship). You need at least two years of experience developing and deploying webapps through to production.
Ruby Developer [Wetherby, England]
Network security consulting company RandomStorm is looking for a senior Ruby application developer to work on network security systems at their Wetherby, England office.
Last but not least..
I have it on good authority that Sinatra 1.2 is going to be released tonight (Thursday, March 3rd) just a few hours after this newsletter gets sent (which I prepare on Wednesday). So you might want to keep your eyes open for the announcement on the Sinatra mailing list. A proper link will be in the next issue of Ruby Weekly, of course!
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