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Ruby Weekly Issue 32
March 10, 2011
Welcome to issue 32 of Ruby Weekly.
Sinatra 1.2 Released: Lots of New Features
Version 1.2 of the popular minimalist webapp toolkit has been released. You get Slim template support, inline Markaby, layout engines, conditional filters, and more.
RubyGems 1.6.2 Released: Fixin' Bugs
The RubyGems releases are still coming thick and fast and this week's release is 1.6.2. This one fixes a bug relating to gem activation conflicts. Keep upgrading.
Hey Apple, Please Be Nice And Share MacRuby!
Matt Aimonetti notes that MacRuby is kept as a private framework in the forthcoming Mac OS X 10.7 Lion so has started a mini-campaign to compel Apple to eventually make it public (so it can be easily used by apps in the App Store, say).
Articles and Tutorials
Building a Faster Ruby Garbage Collector
Much of Twitter runs on REE (Ruby Enterprise Edition) and some of their tech team has worked on optimizing REE's garbage collector with a two heap system.
Rails 3 Performance: Abysmal to Good to Great
Staying on the garbage collection topic, Bill Harding makes some observations as to how a Rails 2.2 to 3.0 upgrade slowed down his app but how some garbage collection tweaks reined it back in again.
How to Deploy a Rails App to EC2 Using Rubber
James Somers of Ginzametrics describe how to use Rubber, a Capistrano/Rails plugin for EC2, to deploy a Rails app to Amazon's EC2 cloud server platform.
Google App Engine, JRuby, Sinatra and some fun!
A simple walkthrough by Khaled al Habache that shows you how to deploy a simple JRuby-based Sinatra app to Google's App Engine platform (think Heroku for Java).
Advanced ActiveRecord Recipes: Doubly polymorphic join models
Gerred Dillon takes on a little ActiveRecord self-masochism and rigs up a set of models bound together with doubly polymorphic join models (creating a mesh of models, in a sense). He shows you how to get it working here.
Railcasts: An I18N Backend for Rails
Ryan Bates shows you how to rig up a different, Redis-based, Web-interface managed internationalization backend on to a Rails app.
Introduction to Sinatra Screencast (Free, 8 Mins) presents a free 8 minute screencast running you through the basics of the Sinatra webapp library.
Libraries and code
Goliath: A Non-Blocking, Rack-based Framework
Postrank have unveiled an exciting new non-blocking (asynchronous) Rack-based webapp framework. It's powered by EventMachine and Ruby 1.9 fibers.
ChunkyPNG 1.0: A Dependable PNG Library
ChunkyPNG is a library that lets you read and write PNG graphics files. It's written in pure Ruby and doesn't require external libraries! There's a mixin that provides some C love for when you want extra performance though..
One9: Converting Your Way Up to Ruby 1.9.2
one9 is a command-line tool to help convert your Ruby 1.8.7 code to 1.9.2. It works by spying on your tests and detecting 1.9 changes. Once your test suite finishes, one9 prints a report listing the exact locations of methods that have changed in 1.9.
Ajax: An AJAX Frontend for Rails Apps
Ajax is a Rails plugin that auguments a traditional Rails application with a completely AJAX front-end, while transparently handling issues important to end-users.
Introducing Payday
Payday is a new library by Alan Johnson that lets you generate PDF invoices. It leans on Gregory Brown's Prawn library for the PDF generation.
POSIX-Spawn: Improved Process Spawning
posix-spawn implements a subset of Ruby 1.9's Process::spawn and more efficient versions of system and ` leaning on special POSIX spawning interfaces. It works on MRI Ruby >= 1.8.7.
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Rails Engineer with MS SQL and .net Experience [Bellevue, Washington]
Expedia, Inc runs the eponymous popular online travel site. They're looking for a developer with both Rails experience and Microsoft-ecosystem experience (such as MS SQL Server and C#). An interesting position for the right person!
Ruby on Rails Software Engineer [San Francisco, California]
AKQA (one of the world's most influential creative and technology companies) is looking for a Ruby on Rails Software Engineer with 3 years' experience of Rails and familiarity with Unix/Linux.
Looking for a Great Ruby Developer! [London, UK]
Econsultancy is an award-winning online publisher based in London and New York. They're looking for a developer to work at their London office with general experience of Ruby, Rails and Unix/Linux - salary is up to 60k.
Last but not least..
Almost-Sinatra: A Sinatra Clone in 8 Lines
Almost Sinatra is an intriguing 'Sinatra implementation' developed in fewer than 10 lines. Ruby 1.9 only but the feature list is incredible..
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