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Ruby Weekly Issue 33
March 17, 2011
Issue 33 of Ruby Weekly is... here :-) Fingers crossed for a new design next week.
JRuby 1.6.0 Released: Ruby 1.9.2 Support and More!
After 2500 commits and 9 months of hard work, the JRuby team has unveiled JRuby 1.6.0. It boasts Ruby 1.9.2 language and API support, improved performance, and more.
Prototype Out, jQuery In for Rails 3.1 Says DHH
David Heinemeier Hansson made an announcement on Twitter saying that Rails 3.1 will drop Prototype as its default JavaScript library and instead bring jQuery into the fold.
Phusion Passenger 3.0.5 Released: More Bug Fixes
Phusion Passenger is everyone's favorite Apache and Nginx module for deploying Ruby Web applications (well it's mine at least). This week's new release, 3.0.5, is a maintenance and bug fix release.
LivingSocial Acquires Ruby/Rails Consultancy InfoEther
This isn't your typical boring acquisition. LivingSocial, a daily deals site, has purchased InfoEther, the US's first significant Ruby consultancy and home to Chad Fowler, Rich Kilmer, Tom Copeland, and others. Ruby recruitment in overdrive!
Articles and Tutorials
JRuby 1.6 Released.. Now What?
You saw the JRuby 1.6.0 release news above, right? Well, JRuby developer Charles Nutter follows up with a deeper look at what's new and where JRuby is headed from here (including some juicy details about JRuby 1.7).
A Review of 'The RSpec Book' by David Chelimsky et al.
After flicking through it for the past couple of months, I finally pulled my finger out and wrote up a review of David Chelimsky's 'The RSpec Book.' Find out what I thought here.
Rails Served by Unicorn with nginx and a Reverse Proxy on Ubuntu
Tom Goren presents a snippet-heavy walkthrough of setting up a Rails app deployment environment on Ubuntu using Unicorn, nginx, and a reverse proxy.
Full Text Searching with Solr and Sunspot
Full text searching can be a tricky subject. Zach Moazeni demonstrates how to rig up Solr (a Lucene-based HTTP search system) with Sunspot to get powerful full text search in Rails.
Tune Ruby 1.9.2's Garbage Collector with RVM and a Simple Patch
A short and sweet post demonstrating how to implement some basic tweaks to MRI Ruby 1.9.2's garbage collector using the RVM installation process and a simple patch.
Libraries and code
execjs: Run JavaScript Code from Ruby
execjs is a library by Sam Stephenson that lets you run JavaScript code from Ruby. It picks the best runtime available (from a generous sample) to evaluate your JavaScript.
ProxyMachine: Content-Aware TCP Routing Proxy
ProxyMachine is a simple, content-aware TCP routing proxy built on EventMachine that lets you configure the routing logic in Ruby. The 'SOCKS 4 Proxy in 7 Lines' example is fun.
Forker: Super Simple Daemonization
Ben Marini's forker aims to be the 'simplest code possible' to daemonize your Ruby app, redirect output, and manage a PID file. It certainly looks simpler than 'daemons.'
Slop: Simple Command Line Option Parsing
Slop is a new (1.0.0) and simple option collection library by Lee Jarvis with an easy to remember syntax and friendly API.
cache: A Cache Abstraction Library
cache by Seamus Abshere is a unified cache handling interface supporting memcached, redis, memcache-client, and dalli.
Gmaps4rails: Google Maps for Rails
Gmaps4rails uses Rails 3 Engines and Google Maps' API V3 to easily provide map rendering within your Rails 3 apps.
Flea: A Scheme-Subset Interpreter Built in Ruby
Flea is a tiny Lisp interpreter implemented in Ruby. Flea is not designed to be a production language, instead it is designed to be an example of how simple it can be to bootstrap the core of a small flexible language.
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Web Developer (Ruby Developer) [San Diego, California]
The Active Network builds organization and member management tools and is looking for 'awesome Ruby developers'. You'll get the keys to their EC2 and S3 accounts and be charged with building and deploying awesome apps.
Application Developer [London, United Kingdom]
Songkick is a UK-based concert/event notification service looking for a gifted mid or senior level developer to join their close-knit technical team. Experience of TDD and building and deploying webapps a must.
Last but not least..
RailsCasts: Request Specs and Capybara
RSpec's request specs are a great way to ensure the entire application stack is working properly. In the latest episode of RailsCasts, Ryan Bates demonstrates how to use Capybara along with Selenium for JavaScript testing.
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