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Issue 347 — May 4, 2017
David Heinemeier Hansson
DHH challenges the idea the explicit code is always better, citing the trade-offs from implicit code: “I embrace implicit code. I embrace the context. I swoon over magic.”

Daniel P. Clark
Crystal is a fast, compiled, Ruby-like language. This post takes a quick look at its syntax followed by a dive into Kemal, a Sinatra-like webapp library.

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Seth Ringling and Justin Weiss
capistrano-measure is a tool for measuring the speed of each part of your deployment process.

Richard Schneeman
Heroku exec makes it possible to SSH into a live-running Heroku app instance, which opens up some new debugging approaches.

Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas
One developer’s thoughts on the good, bad, and unused bits of Rails and why he prefers other frameworks, as covered in this look at Roda.

Citus Data
A recap of the best Rails-related PostgreSQL tips that Citus shared at RailsConf.

Dmitry Rocha
Comparing three APIs written in Kemal (Crystal), Rails, and Sinatra.

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