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Ruby Weekly Issue 35
March 31, 2011
Welcome to issue 35 of Ruby Weekly. Ruby Weekly is now rocking 4482 subscribers (thank you!) but do keep forwarding the newsletter on to other people who might like it as I'd love to spend even more time on it in future! Also, don't forget JavaScript Weekly :-)
Agile Web Development with Rails 4th Edition - Now In Print
The Pragmatic Programmers have announced that AWDWR 4th Edition is now in print and shipping. It's a big deal not just because it's the most popular introductory Rails book ever but because it's been significantly rewritten and restructured to fit Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3.
DHH Offended By RSpec, Says Test::Unit Is Just Great
DHH - the creator of Rails - kicked off a fierce debate on Twitter this Tuesday when he expressed sadness at the popularity of RSpec. Ruby Inside takes a 30,000 ft view of the storm.
A Rails Testing Workshop for Charity (The Day Before RailsConf)
ArrrrCamp (Belgin Ruby Conference) Looking for Speakers
Articles and Tutorials
Taking Stock of JRuby Web Servers
Nick Sieger gives a through walkthrough of the ways you can host JRuby apps. If you're asking "Which server should I use to build and deploy my JRuby application?" this is the article for you.
The End of Monkeypatching
Xavier Shay says that thanks to GitHub and Bundler, there's now rarely a need to monkey-patch code into your Ruby apps. In this article, he shows you why (and how!)
Thoughts on Testing in Ruby
This is from 2010 but DHH linked to it in relation to the Test::Unit vs RSpec debate and it's a great article with some cogent ideas and tips about testing in Ruby in general.
Running Ruby With No Ruby
Brian Ford of the Rubinius project explains how you can use Rubinius to compile your Ruby apps down into bytecode and then how to run this bytecode from within other scripts.
Scaling PostRank using Ruby and EventMachine with Ilya Grigorik
Ilya Grigorik (of Igvita and PostRank fame) sits with Josh Owens and discusses PostRank and most of its backend technology (which includes Ruby, JRuby, EC2, Magios, Solr, Sinatra and more). It's 40 minutes long.
Using MiniTest::Spec With Rails 3
Rails HTML5 Drag and Drop Multi-file Upload
Using New Relic to Instrument a Rack App
Introducing Test-Driven Development with Rails 3
Building A Self-Contained MacRuby Application with Xcode 4
Libraries and code
Client Side Validations for Rails 3
Client Side Validations 3.0 is a library that adds client side validations to your Rails 3 project (as long as you're using jQuery).
htty: The HTTP TTY
htty is a nifty little console application written in Ruby for interacting with Web servers. It's an interesting way to explore web APIs (and the ins and outs of HTTP). The README is awesome.
MacRuby-StatusMenu: A MacRuby Example App
Thomas Koll has put together a small MacRuby app that gives you an icon the OS X menu area (and not in the dock). A great place to start from if you're picking up the MacRuby ropes.
redis-objects: Ruby Objects == Redis Objects
redis-objects provides a Rubyish interface to Redis by mapping Redis types to Ruby objects. It's a wrapper around the popular redis-rb library.
wriggle: A Simple Ruby Directory Crawler DSL
classy_enum: A Class-based Enumerator Gem for Rails
Ruby Jobs of the Week (2 UK, 1 USA)
Ruby Engineers [Edinburgh/Cambridge, UK]
FreeAgent is a fast-growing and hugely popular Edinburgh-based company obsessed with building fantastic online accounting software. We're a team of smart people looking for clever, productive Ruby engineers in Edinburgh or Cambridge. You'll be working on adding and maintaining features for our existing application and making sure it scales up in our quest to take over the world!
Senior Ruby Software Engineer [Remote, but within 2 hours of GMT]
Brightbox is the UK's most popular Rails hosting company and they're looking for a senior Ruby software engineer based within 2 hours of the UK timezone to work on their platform. The salary is very competitive for Europe so check it out!
Ruby on Rails Developer [Boston, Massachusetts]
WegoWise is a well-funded company in the energy analytics sector looking for a Rails developer with, ideally, 2+ years of experience. They give you 10% 'open source time', practice pair programming and offer a flexible work schedule.
Last but not least..
Why The Lucky Stiff's Delightful Foreword for 'Beginning Ruby'
I realized that many people hadn't seen Why The Lucky Stiff's awesome foreword for Beginning Ruby because of it being a paid-for book. So I've put the foreword (which is really a comic strip) up for everyone to enjoy.
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