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Ruby Weekly Issue 36
April 7, 2011
Welcome to issue 36 of Ruby Weekly - thanks for reading.
Rails 3.0.6 Released by Aaron Patterson
Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson pushes out his first official Rails release with his usual panache. It's not a major release but does have a serious security fix so he implores you to upgrade (if you're on Rails 3).
Phusion Passenger 3.0.6 - Another bug fix release
RubyGems 1.7.2 - And again..
FreeAgent Needs Ruby Engineers [Edinburgh and Cambridge, UK]
FreeAgent is a fast-growing and hugely popular Edinburgh-based company obsessed with building fantastic online accounting software. We're a team of smart people looking for clever, productive Ruby engineers in Edinburgh or Cambridge. Our engineering team will be at the Scottish Ruby Conference this week, so if you're going along be sure to grab them for a chat about the role!
Articles and Tutorials
RSpec Is For The Literate
Following on from last week's DHH/RSpec debate, Avdi Grimm looks at RSpec and how it can make you reevaluate the design of your APIs in a literary manner, even if you end up choosing not to use it.
A Code Safari: Configuring Capybara with Xavier Shay
Xavier Shay talks us through some of the source code to Capybara and shows off how its configuration system works. This is for tinkerers, not users :-)
Making Rubinius .rbc Files Disappear
Rubinius both compiles Ruby source code to bytecode and saves the compiled code to a cache so it does not need to recompile unless the source code changes. This can result in lots of ".rbc" files appearing in your file system. Brian Ford shows 2 ways to exorcise the demons.
Useful Heroku-Friendly Rewrites with rack-rewrite
It's not easy to set up URL rewriting on Heroku but Tim Riley demonstrates how to use 'rack-rewrite' to get most of the way there all from Ruby.
Understanding Class Instance Variables in Ruby
Setting up private streaming with Amazon CloudFront and Rails
Ruby Code Performance Tweaks with Kurt Stephens
A 30 minute presentation by Kurt Stephens looking at practical ways to measure and improve the performance of Ruby code.
How to Configure ActiveRecord in Sinatra
The team shows off the activerecord-sinatra gem and demonstrates how to configure it for an easier life with databases in Sinatra code. It's 7 minutes long and there's a text alternative.
Messaging with Faye
Faye is a simple publish-subscribe messaging system that has message servers for both node.js and Ruby/Rack. In this Railscast, Ryan Bates shows you how to use Faye to do push notifications within a Rails app.
5 Ways to Create Hashes in Ruby (and 1 you should never use..)
Libraries and code
Geocoder: A Complete Geocoding Solution
Geocoder is a library by Alex Reisner that is a complete geocoding solution for Ruby. With Rails it adds geocoding (by street or IP address), reverse geocoding (find street address based on given coordinates) and distance queries. It supports Ruby 1.8.7, 1.9.2 and JRuby, Rails 3, as well as multiple database backends.
Koala: A Comprehensive Facebook API Library
Koala is a lightweight, flexible library for Facebook with support for OAuth authentication, the Graph and REST APIs, realtime updates, and test users. It looks powerful.
midi-winmm: Realtime MIDI input and output with Ruby for Windows/Cygwin
rvmprompt.vim: RVM info on your Vim prompt
Guard::Spork: Automatically Manage and Reload Spork DRb Servers
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Ruby (Rails/Sinatra) Developer [Santa Monica, California]
TRUECar, Inc. is a car pricing and comparison site with an office just blocks from the beach. They're looking for a Rubyist with Rails and Sinatra experience and are offering a highly competitive benefits package to get you interested. They're on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing companies so check them out.
Application Developer [Boston, Massachusetts]
Fluent Mobile is a progressive, creative technology start-up company in downtown Boston, MA. They're looking for talented developers who have experience in a start-up environment. You'll be doing TDD and building prototypes.
18 New Ruby and Rails Jobs for April 2011
Yes, there are too many for this newsletter so check this out if you're job seeking (or even want to promote a job yourself).
Last but not least..
Ruby Hero Awards Nominations are.. OPEN!
Each year Rubyists nominate another Rubyist for a 'Ruby Hero' award which is given out at that year's RailsConf. The nominations process for 2011 has now opened. If you can't think of anyone to nominate, nominate 'caius'. Why? It'll be funny.
NoSQL Weekly: Like Ruby Weekly but for NoSQL Tech
A few months ago Rahul Chaudhary launched 'NoSQL Weekly'. It's a lot like Ruby Weekly but for NoSQL-related links. I said I'd need to receive a few copies before mentioning it at all and it's been good. If NoSQL is your bag, check it out, but don't blame me if you don't like it ;-)
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