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Ruby Weekly Issue 38
April 21, 2011
Welcome to issue 38 of Ruby Weekly. It's a rather Rails-heavy issue this week, so sorry if you're not into Rails right now but these things seem to come and go in phases..
Phusion Passenger 3.0.7 Released with Support for Nginx 1.0.0
It's only a point release but Phusion have packed in Nginx 1.0 support, some key bug fixes, and application preloading for Passenger Standalone into the latest Passenger release.
RailsInstaller 1.1.1 Released
Wayne E Seguine unveils RailsInstaller 1.1.1 - the latest version of the all-in-one Rails installer for Windows users.
RubyMine - 30% Off Personal Licenses till April 30
The popular RubyMine Ruby and Rails IDE by JetBrains has gotten a 30% off 'Easter Sale' on its personal license variant. I get no commission on this and this isn't a paid placement - it just seems like a good offer if IDEs are your bag.
TorqueBox 1.0 Release Candidate 1 (Platform for JRuby Webapp Deployment)
Rails 3.0.7 Released: Minor Tweaks Only
RubyConf India 2011: Registration and Call for Speakers Now Open
Articles and Tutorials
Why HTTP Streaming in Rails 3.1?
Rails 3.1 is going to support HTTP streaming (aka 'chunked responses') - this post on the official Rails blog explains what it's all about.
Comparing Images and Creating Image Diffs
In a image- and code-heavy post, Jeff Kreeftmeijer demonstrates how to use ChunkyPNG and some simple algorithms to detect, measure, and extract differences between different images using pure Ruby.
Edge Detection in Images with the Sobel Operator
Staying on the 'manipulating images in Ruby with ChunkyPNG' theme, Sau Sheong elegantly shows off how the 'Sobel operator' works and how you can use it to do edge detection.
Exploring Rails 3.1 - ActiveModel::SecurePassword
Brian Cardarella looks at a new and upcoming Rails 3.1 feature - built-in password encryption support using ActiveModel::SecurePassword. Nice.
Running Rails RSpec Tests - Without Rails
Attila Domokos shows off a way to get a Rails RSpec suite running super fast by.. not loading Rails at all! Instead, everything gets trimmed to basics and then stubbed.
Writing Rails Engines: Getting Started
In Rails, Engines are miniature Rails applications that you embed into your main application. Tony Stubblebine shows you how to get started building your own.
Full-Stack Integration Testing with Rails 3, Cucumber, RSpec, QUnit and Capybara
Quickstart Guide to Using Compass, Haml, SASS and SCSS with Rails 3
Agnostic Roles in Rails - Some Metaprogramming Magic
CoffeeScript Basics in 25 Minutes
CoffeeScript is going to be installed by default with Rails 3.1 (see last week's issue for the hoopla about that). In this well-produced screencast, Charles Max Wood gives a solid introduction to what CoffeeScript is and how to use it.
Railscasts: ActiveRecord Trees with Ancestry
The Ancestry gem provides tree-like structuring to data represented by ActiveRecord models. Ryan Bates of Railscasts shows off how to use it in Rails.
Libraries and code
Bombshell: Custom Interactive Consoles for your Ruby Libraries
Love irb? Love the Rails 'console'? Bombshell by Brighter Planet gets you the same sort of thing for your own creations. They're useful tools for allowing developers to explore your library and its API without having to contrive host applications just to test things out.
Redcarpet: Super Fast Markdown Parsing From Ruby
Redcarpet is a new Ruby library by the GitHub team for using Upskirt, a high-performance C-based Markdown (a popular markup language for user content on the Web) parser.
A Desktop App Written with JRuby and Swing To Play With
Darkness is a full screen text editor app that runs on JRuby with Java Swing. The purpose of the project is educational, to provide a showcase of converting an old demo app from Java to JRuby.
SSH Tunneling in Ruby: A Snippet
John Nunenaker shares a code snippet for creating an SSH tunnel using Ruby (in his case to a locked down remote database server) and then using the tunnel to access services on a remote machine from the same script.
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Ruby on Rails Software Engineer [Birmingham, Alabama]
Insight Card Services is looking for a talented Rubyist and Unix based developer with 5 years' experience. They want the right person wherever they're from in the US so while the job is on-site, there's a $10K sign-on bonus PLUS relocation expenses.
Progressive Software Engineer for Manymoon [San Francisco, California]
Rails Developer for Planning Center Online [Carlsbad, California]
Self-Starter Developers for SB Nation [Washington, DC]
Last but not least..
A funny pic: The #1 Rubyist Excuse for Legitimately Slacking Off
XKCD fan? You'll enjoy this Ruby-themed take on a classic episode. Heck, you might like it even if you're not into XKCD :-)
And don't forget my sister newsletter: JavaScript Weekly :-)
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