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Ruby Weekly Issue 39
April 28, 2011
Welcome to issue 39 of Ruby Weekly. I've got a Royal wedding to prepare for (as if - it's really some kidney pain holding me back! :-)) so let's get straight to work:
The Rails Hotline: A Free Rails Help Service
The Rails Hotline is a FREE helpline run by volunteer Ruby and Rails developers (who vary throughout the day - only 1 on at time of writing, so be kind). I've been hearing good things about this, so if you have a question, call (877) 817-4190 now (or a bit later when it's quieter!)
Owning Rails: An 8 Hour Rails Masterclass with Marc Andre Cournoyer
Marc Andre Cournoyer (of Create Your Own Programming Language fame) is running a 2 day, 8 hour Rails masterclass in May - should be good! Only 20 seats but I've already lined up 6 from him and this e-mail is going out to 4939 folks, so check it out now if you're genuinely intrigued.
Haml and Sass 3.1 Released (Separately)
Nearly a year after the release of Haml and Sass 3.0 comes the release of 3.1. Notably, they're now separate gems and can be used totally separately of each other. Quite a few new features for each - dig in here.
Padrino 0.9.25 Released: Slim and Erubis, Caching, and Fixes
jQuery: The New Rails 3.1 Default
Articles and Tutorials
EventMachine - How Does It Work?
Mathias Meyer digs into the murky innards of EventMachine, the popular event-processing library for Ruby.
What's New in Edge Rails: ActiveRecord Identity Map
The query cache is a powerful part of Active Record which reduces unnecessary database access, particularly when dealing with associations. A problem, though, is that two identical records from the database still results in two in-memory objects being created. The new 'identity map' helps with this issue.
I Am Using Automator, And So Should You
Joshua Lindsey demonstrates how to use Ruby with Mac OS X's 'Automator' tool to build system-wide helper services. It's not heavy on the Ruby but you could take these ideas a long way.
AWK-ward Ruby: What Ruby and Perl Took From AWK
Ryan Tomayko looks at Ruby and Perl's lineage of 'borrowed' features and arrives at Unix's AWK text processing tool. An intriguing essay.
The Rails jQuery-UJS Adapter is Now 'Interactive'
Steve Schwartz talks about the Rails jQuery UJS adapter (aka jquery-ujs), a library that adds unobtrusive JavaScript support to jQuery under Rails, and shows how it's switched from a single, monolithic closure to being something you can extend and interact with more directly.
Using interactive_editor with IRB for an 'inside-out' Ruby IDE
An IDE is basically an editor with a built-in runtime and additional tools. With the interactive_editor, you can embed your favorite editor in IRB instead!
Easy Edge Rails: 6 Lines to a Simple Edge Rails Install
Asynchronous Processing with girl_friday
Converting a Ruby Method to a Lambda
Rails 3.1: Understanding Sprockets and CoffeeScript
Railscasts: Client Side Validations
In the latest episode of RailsCasts, Ryan Bates shows off how to use the client side validations gem to validate attributes on the fly in a Rails app.
Libraries and code
Pry: An Alternative to IRB
Pry is a powerful alternative to the standard IRB shell for Ruby. It is written from scratch to provide a number of advanced features, including source browsing, live help, gist integration, and syntax highlighting.
Summer Breeze: Dynamic Rails Fixtures for Jasmine JavaScript Tests
Summer Breeze is a new library by Rails testing legend Noel Rappin that generates fixtures suitable for testing the JavaScript elements of your page(s) using Jasmine.
gmail-notifr: A OS X GMail Notifier Built in MacRuby
gmail-notifr is an open source GMail-notification tool for OS X built in MacRuby. If building small OS X apps using MacRuby is on your radar, this is worth checking out.
Refactoring to Rails: A Legacy Java to Rails Project
Nick Sieger has kicked off a walkthrough-style GitHub project that aims to demonstrate how you might refactor a legacy Java project to use Rails.
CertificateAuthority - Public Key Certificate Authority in a Box
inline_testing: Using Comments as Tests
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Agile Ruby Developer [Portland, Oregon]
AboutUs is one of the top 10 Rails sites with an Alexa traffic rank around 1500. They're looking for a seriously impressive Ruby developer with strong drive and wide experience, Agile and TDD experience a big plus.
Ruby on Rails Engineer for Real Gravity [San Francisco]
Lead iOS App Developer for Manymoon/Salesforce [San Francisco]
Senior Ruby Developer for MoviePass, Inc [NYC]
Last but not least..
Destroy all Software Screencasts by Gary Bernhardt
Seen this getting some love on Twitter lately.. it's a new project by Gary Bernhardt where he records a screencast each week on a Ruby, Unix, Git (etc) related topic and you pay $9 per month for the privilege. I've only seen the free sample so far but it looks like an interesting project (and I'm getting no kickback for this :-)).
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