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Ruby Weekly Issue 40
May 5, 2011
It's often said that life begins at 40 and we're at issue 40 of Ruby Weekly. Things are carrying on as usual for now though and this week is no exception when it comes to lots of Ruby news. Let's get started:
Rails 3.1 Beta 1 Released
Sure, it's not quite the real deal yet but DHH has unveiled the first official beta of Rails 3.1 for us to try. Take care!
Exceptional Ruby: Avdi Grimm's E-book Now Available
Avdi Grimm has released a PDF e-book about error and exception handling in Ruby, based on his 'Exceptional Ruby' talk at Magic Ruby 2011. There are some sample pages and a video of his talk here too.
TorqueBox 1.0.0 Released: A Java Platform for Rack Apps
Almost three years in the making, Torquebox 1.0 has arrived - congratulations! Torquebox is a popular JBoss-powered application server for Rack apps (including Rails apps) that provides a smorgasbord of useful backend features.
RubyGems 1.8.0 Released
Sinatra 1.2.6 Released
Ubuntu Packages for Nginx+Passenger 3 Released
Articles and Tutorials
RubyGems 1.8 Is Coming (And Why It Matters)
Just prior to the release of RubyGems 1.8 this week, Ryan Davis put together this blog post about what RubyGems 1.8 represents and why you need to pay close attention to it (the TLDR version: there are lots of deprecations..)
Running EventMachine alongside Passenger
John Nunemaker gives us a story about how his webapp switched from Thin to Passenger but retained EventMachine-based non-blocking HTTP calls by running EventMachine in a new thread under Passenger.
Understanding Ruby Blocks, Procs and Lambdas
Blocks, Procs and lambdas are powerful parts of the Ruby programming experience, and also some of the most misunderstood. Robert Sosinski makes a great attempt at showing how they're used and why.
How To Make A Reverse SSH Tunnel for Any Rack App with Pow and Nginx
It can be useful to be able to access your local working copy of a Rails/Rack app from somewhere else on the Internet. Paul Meserve shows off one way to do it behind a NAT with an SSH tunnel.
Linguistic Analysis with Lingua
Xavier Shay was curious the readability of his writing. In this walkthrough for RubySource, he shows off how he extracted his blog's contents and then used the Lingua library to analyze it.
Configuring Rails 3(.1) to use HTTPS and SSL
Presenters As A Solution To as_json Woes In Rails APIs
Beware Of Thread#kill Or Your ActiveRecord Transactions Are In Danger
Using MongoDB And Mongoid Without Rails
Bundling Your Gems for Production on Torquebox
Libraries and code
The Large Hadron Migrator: Online ActiveRecord Migrations
Rany Keddo of Soundcloud shows off the 'Large Hadron Migrator', an intriguing tool that lets you run migrations that change the schema of your database live, in production, without bringing down your app.
Fructose: A Ruby Subset to PHP Compiler
It's not production ready but Fructose is an interesting project that compiles a simplified subset of Ruby into PHP 5. I wonder if this could be useful for writing WordPress plugins in future..!
Cloudist: A New Highly Scalable Job Queue System
Cloudist is a simple, highly scalable job queue for Ruby applications. It's based on AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) and uses EventMachine. It provides a simple DSL for queuing jobs and receiving responses including logs, exceptions and job progress.
data-migrate: ActiveRecord Migrations for Data
Ruby Jobs of the Week
9 Ruby Devs Seeking Colleagues [VANCOUVER, Canada]
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer [Portland, Oregon]
Web Developer (Ruby Developer) [San Diego, California]
Want to post a job on Ruby Inside and in Ruby Weekly? Head here.
Last but not least.. 2 Cool Projects
Ruby Mendicant: Progress Report #1
Gregory Brown is the 'Ruby Mendicant' and is famed for the Prawn PDF library and running the Ruby Mendicant University. Recently he appealed for people to help support his work and it's been going well so far. He shares his numbers here.
RubyRescue: A Live Ruby Q&A Show, Every Tuesday
Jeremy McAnally and Ryan Waldron have just run the first episode of RubyRescue, a live Ruby Q&A show powered by audience questions. Want to get on the second episode? Send in your questions now and check it out next Tuesday.
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