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Ruby Weekly Issue 41
May 12, 2011
Welcome to another week of Ruby news - it's Ruby Weekly issue 41. Let's go on with business:
A Draft Schedule for Ruby 1.9.3's Release (Late July?)
Yuki 'Yugui' Sonoda of the Ruby core team outlines a schedule for the release of Ruby 1.9.3. A feature freeze at the end of May with a full release at the end of July or in early August.
RailsCasts Gets a New Design
Ryan Bates has been producing killer Ruby and Rails screencasts for 5 years so it's notable it has an all-new design to mark the occasion. The episodes are a lot easier to browse now.
Ruby Geocoder Geocoding Toolkit Hits 1.0.0
I first linked up Ruby Geocoder, a one-size-fits-all Ruby geocoding library, in issue 36, but now it has a snazzy new site and has hit version 1.0. Great work, and well worth checking out again.
RubyGems 1.8.1 Released: Fixes, fixes and fixes
Padrino 0.9.27 Released - Project settings, routing, compatibility and bug fixes
Articles and Tutorials
Eric Hodel's Ruby 1.9.3 Documentation Challenge
I mentioned the Ruby 1.9.3 release plan above. Eric Hodel thinks the release presents a great opportunity to work on Ruby's core documentation and to get the percentage of coverage up from 54.2% to 60% or more in the next month or two.
Reversible Migrations in Rails 3.1
Migrations have always been considered one of the many killer features in Rails. In Rails 3.1, however, migrations have a new trick up their sleeve. Rather than defining 'up' and 'down' migrations, you can define one set of 'changes' and Rails figures out all of the rest automatically.
Exploring the Standard Library: logger
Jan Lelis takes a quick look at the 'logger' library in the Ruby standard library and demonstrates its basic usage for logging activity in your apps. If you're not familiar with logger already, it's worth a look.
Extending Ruby with C
Xavier Shay looks at how to write a C extension for Ruby by analyzing GitHub's recent 'Redcarpet' wrapper library for a C-based Markdown renderer.
Writing Cohesive Event Driven Code in Ruby
Sending Apple iOS Push Notifications in Rails with Redis and apn_sender
How to use CoffeeScript in Rails 3.1 with Haml
Constructing Web APIs with Rack, Sinatra and MongoDB (slides)
Contributing to Ruby's Documentation HOWTO
Picking up on Eric Hodel's challenge to have 60% of Ruby 1.9.3 documented, Steve Klabnik has produced a video (with text fallback) demonstrating how you can get involved with producing Ruby documentation easily.
A Rails 3.1 Beta Walkthrough - Sprockets, CoffeeScript and JQuery
Charles Max Wood of Teach Me To Code presents a 10 minute walkthrough of Rails 3.1's newest JavaScript-focused functionality, focusing on Sprockets, CoffeeScript and jQuery.
A 13 Minute Rails 3.1 Overview from Railscasts
Libraries and code
AssetHat: CSS & JS Minification and Bundling for Rails
AssetHat is a asset packager for Rails that minifies and bundles CSS and JavaScript reducing the file sizes and page load times for your app. It has a ton of configuration options to deal with varying setups (including SSL support).
HammerBuilder: XHTML5 Builder for Ruby 1.9
HammerBuilder is an XHTML 5 (no, the X isn't a typo) builder written specifically for Ruby 1.9. If you're familiar with Markaby, it's a bit like that, but faster. It lets you quickly build XHTML using a Ruby DSL.
Endless Page Scrolling with Rails 3 and jQuery
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Rails Developer For Medical Marijuana Startup [Aurora, Colorado]
You don't see a job like this very often. mmjmenu provides a medical marijuana dispensary management system and needs a solid Rails developer to work on the system. Remote working is possible for the right candidate.
Software Engineer for eCert, Inc. [San Francisco, California]
Senior Rails Developer for Infochimps [Austin, Texas]
Last but not least..
Ruby Rogues: A Podcast with 5 Ruby Rascals
Ruby Rogues is a fun new podcast chaired by Charles Max Wood and featuring Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson, David Brady, James Edward Gray II and, err, me. In episode 1 we shared our opinions on testing, RSpec, and Cucumber, as well as our favorite books and software of the moment.
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