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Ruby Weekly Issue 44
June 2, 2011
Welcome to issue 44 of Ruby Weekly. Thanks to everyone who sent in testimonials last week, most of them are now live on the new Ruby Weekly homepage :-) No extra personal news this week so let's get right on with the link goodness:
Refinery CMS 1.0 Released
Version 1.0 of Refinery CMS has arrived 2 years after it first became an open source project. Refinery is one of the most popular Rails-based content management systems and the 1.0 release boasts full Rails 3 support and a solid stable base built up by over 100 contributors.
Major Changes Coming for Ruby on Debian (and Ubuntu)
Lucas Nussbaum posted to the ruby-core mailing list last week outlining several developments in how Debian (and eventually Ubuntu) treats and packages Ruby. Highlights include a new 'gem2deb' packaging tool and support for 'gem update --system'.
Rails 3.0.8 Out (Hopefully)
Rails 3.0.8 RC3 was unveiled on May 30 by Aaron Patterson with the final promised today (June 2nd) if no regressions were found. Since I prepare this newsletter 12 hours in advance, I'm risking announcing it now. Worst case scenario, you can still get the release candidate.
RailsInstaller 1.2 for Windows Released
Ruby Midwest 2011 - Nov 4-5 - Early Bird Tickets Available Now
I'm Doing An In-Person 3 Day Rails Course in July (Northern England)
Articles and Tutorials
Speeding Up Rails 3 Startup Time (With A Patch)
Xavier Shay shows off his hard work in tweaking Ruby head (the to-be Ruby 1.9.3) to make 'require' more efficient. The result? A much faster Rails 3 boot time on 1.9. I tried it out and got a 37% drop in boot time. Patching Ruby is still a bit cutting edge though but hopefully this will make it into 1.9.3 proper.
Setting up PostgreSQL for Rails Development on Mac OS X
One of the reasons people used to give for using MySQL over Postgres was that it was hard to install and setup. In this walkthrough, Will Jessop of 37signals shows how easy it is to get Postgres installed and working with a basic Rails app.
Gem Versioning and Bundler: Doing it Right
Yehuda Katz shares some best practices and insights into how to handle the 'versioning' of gems in your Ruby (and Rails) apps using Bundler.
Installing Rails 3.1: Detailed Instructions
Daniel Kehoe has put together some detailed instructions for installing Rails 3.1 as of right now. It includes using RVM, creating a Rails 3.1 gemset, updating Rake, and installing some example apps Daniel's maintaining.
Null Objects and Falsiness
Avdi Grimm looks at the concept of checking for the presence of an object and how Ruby's way of giving out 'nil' objects can make life more difficult. He examines creating a 'NullObject' to work around some of the issues.
Using DataMapper and Rails with Legacy Schemas
K-Means Clustering in Ruby
Sass Basics - RailsCasts
Ryan Bates releases another episode of RailsCasts, this time focusing on the Sass 'Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets' CSS extension, as included by default in Rails projects from 3.1 onwards.
How Rails Boots
It's not that Rails is bloated and complicated (never :-)) but Rails contributor Neeraj Singh takes 24 minutes to give us a tour of the Rails booting process. It's good though and he shows off a lot of interesting code from the guts of Rails.
Many to Many Associations in Ruby on Rails
A basic tutorial by Charles Max Wood on putting together "has and belongs to many" and "has many through" associations. This is beginners-only material but is well crafted as usual from Charles.
Libraries and code
Goldberg: Lightweight, Multi-Language Continuous Integration Server
Goldberg is a new CruiseControl.rb-compatible continuous integration server suitable for automatically testing your apps to the schedule you desire. It can work with almost any software project but has specific support for RVM and Bundler for Ruby projects. A nice looking config DSL here.
Mynu: DSL for Making Menubar Apps for Mac OS X
Mynu is a simple DSL built by Robert Lowe to create a 'systembar' menu app with MacRuby on OS X. The example code on display is compelling and might tempt you to check out MacRuby for building a small helper app.= for your OS X menu bar.
silent-postgres: Rails Plugin to Quieten Down Postgresql's Log Output
Rapuncel: Simple XML-RPC Client Lib for Ruby
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer [Washington DC Area]
CustomInk is an innovative custom product company offering hundreds of t-shirt styles and colors, golf balls, towels, and more for users to customize. They need a senior Rails developer to work on their critical customer facing webapp.
Rails Software Engineer at IDT Corporation [Newark, New Jersey]
Rails Developer [Boulder, Colorado]
Last but not least..
Owning Rails: Another 8hr Rails Masterclass with Marc Andre Cournoyer
Marc Andre Cournoyer (of Create Your Own Programming Language fame) is running another 2 day, 8 hour Rails masterclass in June. The last class sold out in 24 hours and this one is half full now too (10 seats left). Marc's given me a discount code you can use to get 80 beans off the price too, it's 'rubyweekly'.
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