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Ruby Weekly Issue 45
June 9, 2011
Welcome to issue 45 of Ruby Weekly - rapidly approaching the year mark. On with the links:
Rails 3.1.0 RC3 Released
Rails 3.1 is the next significant version of Rails to be released and it's almost fully here. This is the third release candidate and Aaron Patterson tells us if there are no show stopping issues, we'll get the real deal in two weeks.
Rails 3.0.9 RC1 Released
Chronic 0.4.x Released: Better Date/Time Parsing
The popular English language date/time parsing library, Chronic, has reached its next significant version. It now supports a lot more formats and abbreviations (such as 'Thurs' for Thursday) but, critically, fully supports Ruby 1.9 at long last.
Mongoid Is Looking For New Maintainers
The developer behind the popular Mongoid MongoDB-based ORM library needs some serious help in keeping it going. If you're into Mongo and want to work on a leading open source project in the Ruby/Mongo space, check this out.
RailsInstaller 1.2 for Windows Released
15 Hours to Rails 3 Confidence?
Michael Hartl has put together a stunning combo with his freely readable 'Rails 3 tutorial' site but it truly comes into its own with his 15+ hours of (pay-for) screencasts showing you how to use Rails 3 from start to finish. Packed with value.
Articles and Tutorials
The Story Behind Ruby 1.9.3 Getting 36% Faster Loading Times
Xavier Shay found a significant performance flaw in how Ruby 1.9 loads files and set out to fix it. He did, but was headed off at the pass by a tiny ninjapatch from the Ruby core team instead. I tell the full story here and share some benchmarks. This stuff is a must read if you're tired of slow Rails 3.0 loading times.
How To Get The Edge Ruby Faster-Loading-Hotness in Ruby 1.9.2 Right Now
Following on the previous item, I wrote up a post explaining how you can use a patch by Todd Fisher with RVM to get a faster Ruby 1.9.2-p180 right now. DHH tried it and got a 43% boot time improvement for a Rails app.
10 Ruby One Liners to Impress Your Friends
There was a popular article this week where someone wrote 10 one-liners in the Scala language. Antonio Cangiano decided to make a similar one for Ruby.
iOS 5 Gets Garbage Collection? So Here Comes MacRuby/iOS? (Maybe Not.)
Paul Meserve of Pogodan wrote a post based on the Apple iOS 5 announcement where he speculated iOS 5 could have the technology necessary to support MacRuby. I link to the discussion on Hacker News, however, as it was particularly in-depth and interesting.
ESPN: A Rails Case Study
Cody Swann walks through the story of how ESPN came to use Rails to run a large portion of their Web site.
Why Rails 3.1 Streaming Means You Still Have To Think About Your HEAD
Zach Holman: The Most Important Code Isn't Code
Libraries and code
SlimGems: A Drop-In Replacement for RubyGems
Loren Segal, of YARD-fame, has released SlimGems, a fork of RubyGems focused on maintaining the RubyGems 1.3.7. He argues that as an infrastructure project, the RubyGems API needs to be very stable and he's aiming to maintain compatibility with 1.3.7 while backporting improvements.
Virtus - Attributes For Your Plain Ruby Objects
Virtus is an extraction portion of the forthcoming DataMapper 2 ORM that lets you define typed attributes on any Ruby classes/objects. It supports typecasting, symbolization, stringification and more.
Tasteful Routes for Rails 3
Tasteful Routes is a gem by Hugh Evans that handles pluralization in Rails routes and URLs in a more natural language fashion.
unimidi: Platform-Independent Realtime MIDI IO in Ruby
redis-scripted: Experimental Redis Client with Scripting Support
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Rails Developer [Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom]
Changework Now is an award-winning online recruitment solution provider looking for an enthusiastic Rails developer with over 1 year of experience of Rails, version control, and relational database design. They're based in beautiful Henley, world famous for its rowing races and regattas.
Operations Engineer for CustomInk [Fairfax, Virginia]
Rails Developer for Webs, Inc. [Silver Spring, Maryland]
Last but not least..
Using Concerns To Keep Your Rails Models Manageable by DHH
I didn't have anything mindblowing for this section today so here's an interesting piece of code by David Heinemeier Hansson I just happened to have open. It shows how you can use 'concerns' in Rails to extract common model functionality into modules.
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