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Ruby Weekly Issue 46
June 16, 2011
Welcome to issue 46 of Ruby Weekly. 46 is the ASCII code for the period/full stop character but it's not a full stop this week, the Ruby links just keep on coming.. Yeah, I should writing snarky hipster taglines for Groupon with these talents? :-)
Capybara 1.0.0 Released
Capybara is a modern acceptance test framework for webapps (remember Webrat?) that has taken Rubyists by storm over the last year. Now it's hit the big 1.0.0.
Announcing Formtastic 2.0.0 RC1
Formtastic is a popular Rails form builder plugin that outputs semantically rich markup. The forthcoming 2.0.0 release gets previewed here in the first release candidate. It now supports Rails 3.1 and more HTML 5 attributes to make forms even slicker.
RailsInstaller for Windows 2.0.0 Preview Release
RailsInstaller for Windows is a 'welcome kit' that allows you and your friends to quickly get up and running with Rails on Windows. The forthcoming 2.0.0 release (as previewed here) makes the leap to Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.1.0.rc2.
What's Up With All These Changes in Rails?
Yesterday, there was a blog post entitled "What the Hell is Happening to Rails" that stayed at the number one spot on Hacker News for quite a while. The post and many (but not most) the comments on the post reflect deep-seated concern about the recent direction of Rails.
The Rails Initialization Process
One of the official Ruby on Rails Guides - which have been getting updated lately - focusing on the entire Rails initialization process. What happens when you start up a Rails app? What gets loaded, when, why, and how? Find out here.
Creating 'man' Pages for Ruby Gems
It's easy to bundle a Unix 'man' page with your gem - all it takes is some Markdown markup. Shai Rosenfeld shows us how.
Inferring Block Use Patterns with Laser
Laser is a rather smart piece of technology by Michael Edgar (built for his undergraduate thesis) that can infer block usage in a method: does a method call require a block, ignore a block, etc. This blog post shows how Laser successfully analyzes dozens of potential method constructions with interesting block use characteristics! Technical stuff.
Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline in the Real World
To Ville Lautanala, the new asset pipeline is the single most important new feature in Rails 3.1. In this blog post, he goes through its implications on existing applications and explains how the Flowdock team integrated it into their workflow.
Why Rubyists Should Care About Messaging (A High Level Intro)
RabbitMQ team member Jakub Stastny explains messaging (a.k.a. message oriented middleware) from a high level perspective and elaborates on why it might be of interest to Rubyists.
Microsoft SQL Server 10x Faster with Rails 3.1
Stubbing out Rails.env
The State of Ruby and Testing
Peepcode's Meet EventMachine
Recently, Node.js has overshadowed the existence of a mature, powerful tool available to Ruby developers: EventMachine. For over four years, some of the best and brightest Ruby developers have been deploying high performance applications with the EventMachine toolkit. Peepcode hits it out of the field yet again.
How to Install Postgres On OS X For Rails Development
Last week, Will Jessop of 37signals put together a great walkthrough (linked here) for installing and using Postgres for Ruby and Rails development on OS X. So I made a screencast following his technique.
How Arel Works
In 12 minutes, Neeraj Singh, a prolific Rails contributor, demonstrates how the Arel (relational algebra) system used by ActiveRecord 3.x helps to relate tables to one another and produce SQL.
Libraries and code
SweetVimRSpec: Sweeter Specs from Vim
SweetVimRSpec makes running RSpec specs in Vim sweeter. It has three modes, run a whole file, run just one focused test, or run the previously run test.
Metior: A Source Code History Analyzer
Metior is a source code 'history analyzer' API that provides various statistics about a source code repository and its changes over time. Currently, it provides access to Git repositories using either file system access or directly on GitHub using GitHub's HTTP API.
ValidAttribute: Minimalist Validation BDD for ActiveModel Specs
hotkeys - Bind Global Hot Keys in MacRuby
DHH Shows How To Use Concerns To Keep Your Rails Models Manageable
Ruby Job of the Week
Ruby on Rails Developer [Canton, Connecticut]
Sports Technologies is a successful startup working on fantasy games and products for some of the biggest names in sports. They want a Rails developer to join their team and are offering $60-100k.
Last but not least..
ScaffoldHub: Community-driven Gallery of Rails Scaffolds
ScaffoldHub is a collection of Rails scaffold generators contributed by members of the Rails community that let you quickly create useful, working Rails apps from scratch. There are only 13 examples so far but it looks like a promising project.
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