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Ruby Weekly Issue 47
June 23, 2011
Welcome to issue 47 of Ruby Weekly.
Cucumber Hits 1.0.0
Cucumber is a popular BDD library / toolkit for putting together English language 'stories' that can then be parsed by Ruby code for doing acceptance tests. It's hit the big 1.0. Congratulations to everyone involved.
Rails 3.0.9 Released: Bug Fixes For The Win
Aaron Patterson has unveiled Rails 3.0.9. It's not a feature driven release at all (that's all for Rails 3.1) but includes lots of bug fixes and a modification to SafeBuffer strings.
Ruby In Steel 2 Beta Available
Ruby In Steel 2 (for Visual Studio 2010) is currently in development but you can download a beta right now. Ruby In Steel is an awesome environment for Ruby development on Windows so if you're there, check it out.
Nokogiri 1.4.5 Released
Articles and Tutorials
Developing a RubyGem using Bundler
Ryan Bigg has put together a stunning guide to building a Ruby gem from scratch using Bundler. It digs into adding RSpec tests, dependencies, a command line interface, and more.
Ruby Verbose Mode and How It's Broken
You can make Ruby a lot 'noisier' by enabling its verbose, debugging, and warning modes. Mislav Marohnic shows you how and guides us through some flaws in their implementation in MRI.
Making HAML Faster - 3 Optimizations
An RSpec Tip: Using 'let' and Nested describe/context Blocks
MacRuby: What Is It And Why Should I Care?
Joshua Ballanco, a core MacRuby team member, gave a 90 minute presentation at Boston Ruby Group about MacRuby, its internals, and what you can achieve with it. An interesting and thorough overview.
RailsCasts on Resque
Ryan Bates presents the latest episode of RailsCasts and shows off Resque, a popular background job management system that uses Redis.
Integration Testing with Capybara
Libraries and code
Eventable: Add Events To Your Ruby Classes
Eventable, by Mike Bethany, bills itself as 'an incredibly simple way to add events to your classes.' It provides an easy to use event model and avoids the memory leak potential of Observable.
quickl: Command-line Ruby Interfaces In Classes
Quickl is a Ruby library by Bernard Lambeau to help you build command-line based Ruby apps. The twist is that everything is wrapped up into a special class. It includes a simple code generator too so you can get going quickly.
Ruby Eco: Bridge To A CoffeeScript Templating Library
Ruby Eco is a Ruby library to use 'Eco' templates from Ruby. Eco templates are very similar to ERB templates but using CoffeeScript as the base language instead of Ruby.
Ice: Bringing Eco and Ruby Eco to Rails 3
Rexpl - Interactive Bytecode Console for Rubinius
Josep M. Bach shows off his 'Rexpl' project, a simple REPL interactive prompt environment for working with Rubinius bytecode on the Rubinius VM. If you're looking into developing tools that work directly with Rubinius bytecode, this is a must see.
bench: Another Way To Benchmark in Ruby
Using the 'benchmark' library from the standard library? Check out Bernard Lambeau's 'bench' for an interesting alternative. It's powerful and has an expressive DSL for putting together elaborate benchmarks.
PacketFu: A Network Packet Manipulation Library
Alf - Classy Data-Manipulation Dressed in a DSL
mysql2postgres: Tool For Converting From MySQL to PostgreSQL
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Bioinformatics Startup seeks Full-Stack Engineers in The Mission, San Francisco
WellnessFX is a well funded early stage startup building a platform that will revolutionize how we manage our health. We're on the hunt for strong full-stack developers well-versed in modern Javascript and Rails development to join our experienced development team. Opportunities abound to build fat clients and visualize rich bioinformatic datasets.
Web Developer for Demosphere International [Falls Church, Virginia]
Last but not least..
The Billy Baldwin of Conditional Assignment
Steve Richert shows off a not-commonly-used operator in Ruby that could help you out when doing certain types of conditional assignment. It's a simple one but.. effectively portrayed.
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