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Ruby Weekly Issue 48
June 30, 2011
Hey folks, my announcement o'the'week is Ruby Reloaded, an online course I'm doing in July. It's for folks who have some Ruby experience but who want to firm up on the basics and gain some confidence in becoming professional Rubyists. You'll find a link to more info plus a discount code at the bottom of this e-mail.
Other than that, summer has final hit us here in the UK in the last week, I hope it's good where you are too. Thanks for reading, and let's get to those tasty links.
- Peter Cooper (@peterc)
Mechanize 2.0 Released: Even Better Web Automation
Mechanize is a popular library for performing automated actions on Web pages from Ruby. Eric Hodel has today unveiled Mechanize 2 which is now under the MIT license, has some API changes, and ditches Hpricot as a dependency. You also get session cookies, robots.txt tests, and a bundle of other new features.
RDoc 3.7 Released
Articles and Tutorials
A Guide To Starting Your Own Rails Engine Gem
Ryan Cook has put together a solid guide to using Jose Valim's Enginex system to build your own Rails engine (a mini Rails app you can embed within another app, if you will) and turn it into a gem for distribution.
Your First MacRuby App in 4 Easy Steps
So you've heard about all of the excitement going on about MacRuby but not yet been tempted to give it a try? Eric Rafaloff shows how you can get started with the simplest example around.
Using the Google Authenticator App with Rails
Google recently released an 'Authenticator' app for Android, iPhone and Blackberry for doing two-factor authentication with their services. Richard Taylor demonstrates how you can use it for your own apps.
TIL: It's OK to return nil from to_ary
Aaron Patterson discovers that you can return nil from to_ary and to_a on objects. He takes us on an interesting journey to show us why you might want to.
An SQL Pattern in Rails
Jonathan Wallace demonstrates a situation where falling back to SQL in ActiveRecord can make a lot of sense: detecting when relationships do not exist between objects of two different models.
Building Structured API Clients with API Smith
On the Engine Yard blog, Darcy Laycock shows off API Smith, a simple tool set combining HTTParty and Hashie for rapidly building HTTP API clients in a straightforward way.
Prepping your Gemfile for Rubinius
Aaron Patterson: I Want DTrace Probes in Ruby
Ruby File IO Primer Part 1: The File Class
Invite Facebook Friends to your awesome Rails App
Andrew Gertig presents an 8 minute screencast giving a quick demo of how to add Facebook friend invite features to your own Rails app.
Introduction to CoffeeScript
OK, it's not strictly Ruby but with CoffeeScript becoming a dependency in Rails 3.1, now's the time to get up to speed with this awesome language that compiles down to JavaScript. This intro from does a particularly good job and is available in text form too.
Libraries and code
Eat: A Replacement for open-uri
I'm often leaning on open-uri (part of the Ruby standard library) for quickly reading a Web page into a string. Seamus Abshere presents 'eat', a library that he believes could be a replacement for open-uri. I'd rather see open-uri get his improvements but hey.
Celluloid: Actor-based Concurrent Object Framework
Celluloid is a concurrent object framework for Ruby inspired by Erlang and the Actor model. Celluloid gives you thread-backed objects that run concurrently, providing the simplicity of Ruby objects for the most common use cases, but also the ability to call methods asynchronously, allowing the receiver to do things in the background while the caller carries on with its business.
Linguist: Detecting Code Languages and Data Formats
Linguist is a library recently open sourced by GitHub that attempts to detect the (programming) language a certain file is written in or what format it is (XML, YAML, etc.)
rack-protection: Rack Middleware To Protect Against Common Attacks
New Relic Menu Bar Performance Monitoring App for OS X
Tarot: Easier Rails Configurations
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Rails + Postgres Database Developer [Los Angeles, California]
Oblong Industries is a tech company working on cutting edge 'spatial' interface systems (think Minority Report). They're looking for a Rails developer to work on their main product's Web-facing SDK.
Ruby on Rails Developer [London, United Kingdom]
AlphaSights are looking for a London based developer with a passion for Ruby and Rails to work in a small team at their Covent Garden offices. No commercial Rails experience is necessary but you need to be highly motivated.
Last but not least..
Ruby Reloaded: My Live Course For Levelling Up Your Ruby Confidence
Did you learn Ruby 'on the job' and miss out on the essentials? Or do you just want to boost your Ruby confidence? I've created Ruby Reloaded, a two day live video course plus one month's forum-based mentorship. It costs money but you'll get 50 bucks off the earlybird price with the code WEEKLY. This e-mail's going out to 5800 folks but if signup is closed, join the notification list and I'll sort you out with a good discount for next time!
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