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Ruby Weekly Issue 53
August 4, 2011
Welcome to issue 53 of Ruby Weekly! You might notice some minor formatting changes this week but behind the scenes the newsletter generation system has been entirely rewritten. This is in preparation for some more significant improvements in the near future, but for now it's business as usual :-) Thanks for reading.
Ruby 1.9.3 Preview 1 Released - What's New?
Over on the ruby-talk mailing list, Yuki "Yugui" Sonoda announced the release of Ruby 1.9.3 Preview 1 this week. I've put together a handy summary of what's new in this post for Ruby Inside.
Phusion Passenger 3.0.8 Released
Phusion Passenger is the Apache and Nginx module for easily deploying Ruby webapps. It hasn't been updated in a while so 3.0.8 is very welcome, and includes an Nginx version update, a fix for 'passenger stop', and some Ruby 1.9 compatibility fixes.
MagRails: A 1 Day UK Rails Conference in October 2011
MagRails is a joint Agile and Rails conference in Manchester, UK in October. Ruby superhero Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson and Joe O'Brien are on the roster.
Articles and Tutorials
JRuby and Java 7: What to Expect
Java 7 has arrived and it brings some new features that could significantly affect the performance of JRuby. What can you expect from JRuby running on Java 7 now and in the future? Let Charles Nutter bring you up to speed.
Get RVM and Git Info in Your Command Prompt
Zach Moazeni demonstrates how you can change your Bash prompt to include information about the currently running Ruby (through RVM - if you use it) and your current Git branch, all at the same time.
If you gaze into nil, nil gazes also into you
Joe Ferris of Thoughtbot presents some patterns and solutions for nil-based object errors in Ruby, including never passing around 'nil' objects in the first place and the 'Maybe' pattern.
The Official Ruby Site Is Proudly Maintained by No-One
Official project sites should set the benchmark for standards relating to that project, but the official Ruby site proves disappointing on many fronts. Thankfully, this controversial article has already yielded positive results with many new volunteers coming on board to help bring the site up to date.
Using ruby-debug with Pow
Cron Tasks for your Rails App with Resque
Using Apache Cassandra from Ruby
Charles Max Wood presents a 25 minute introduction to Apache Cassandra, a highly scalable distributed database system. Charles shows us how to get it running and start using it from Ruby.
RailsCasts: Mountable Engines in Rails 3.1
Engines are receiving a major update in Rails 3.1. You can mount them at any path, embed assets, run generators and more. See how in the latest RailsCasts episode from Ryan Bates.
Libraries and code
Fabrication: Turbo Charged Object Factories
Fabrication is essentially a turbo-charged factory library for Ruby for quickly generating objects, whether plain old Ruby objects, ActiveRecord objects, Mongoid documents or Sequel models. It comes from Hashrocket.
Fabricator: A Deployment Framework from Etsy
asset_sync: Send Rails 3.1 Assets to Amazon S3
asset_sync is a new library for Rails 3.1 apps that hooks into the asset packaging pipeline and sends the results up to Amazon's S3 and CloudFront services.
last_mod_cache: Simple Caching for ActiveRecord Models
last_mod_cache adds a simple caching layer on ActiveRecord models based around a timestamp of when a record was last updated (e.g. the updated_at column).
Representative: XML and JSON Representations of Ruby Objects
Representative makes it easy to create XML or JSON representations of your Ruby objects to your exact specifications. With one 'representation' defined using Representative's DSL, you can serialize to both XML and JSON.
Representative View: The Rails Hookup for Representative
Synchronizable: Easy Object Locking for a Thread-Safe Life
Synchronizable is a gem that provides an easy module-based mechanism for making any object thread-safe with an instance-level lock. The code is surprisingly short and sweet, as is the API you get to use.
Zed and Ginger: A Game Built Using Ruby and Ray
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Great Ruby Developer at Econsultancy [London, UK]
Econsultancy is a rapidly expanding online publisher based in London and New York. They're looking for a proactive Rubyist to join their team in London. You'll be working with a myriad of technologies including RSpec, Sass, Rack, and Rails. A flexible working arrangement is standard.
Full-time Rails Developer at District Management Council [Boston, Massachusetts]
Exceptional Rails and JavaScript Developer [Novi Sad, Serbia]
GlobeX Data builds Swiss secure cloud applications for global market, using an agile process and cutting edge tools and technology. Join a small team of dedicated and motivated pros in a highly-collaborative and collegial environment and work on challenging and interesting projects.
Last but not least..
The Ruby Rogues on Metaprogramming in Ruby
A dream team of Ruby developers discusses metaprogramming in Ruby right from defining what it is through to best practices in this entertaining hour long podcast. This is definitely one for the commute.
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