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Ruby Weekly Issue 54
August 11, 2011
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 54 of Ruby Weekly - it's been a bumper week in the Ruby world with lots of activity, new blog posts, library updates, and more. I don't know what's brought it on but long may it last :-)
will_paginate v3.0 Released: Rails 3 Support, Sinatra and More
Will Paginate is a popular pagination library that has now reached version 3 (in the form of a total rewrite). It includes full Rails 3.0 and 3.1 support, Sinatra and Merb support, i18n support, and more.
RubyGems 1.8.7 Released
1 Year of New Relic for 65% Off at AppSumo (for Thursday Only)
AppSumo is a 'daily deals' site for geeks and for today (Thursday) only, they're running a significant discount deal for an entire year of New Relic Standard service. New Relic is the leading performance management and app statistics system in the Ruby scene right now so it's worth checking out.
Rails 3.0.10 RC1 Released
Kyiv (Ukraine) Ruby Conference, 5-6 November 2011
Articles and Tutorials
Redcarpet 2: Elegant Markdown for a More Civilized Age
The popular Markdown parsing library Redcarpet has had a major rewrite making it more flexible and extensible. This article by Vicent Marti gives a tour of what's new.
Using Ripper to See How Ruby Is Parsing Your Code
Does it ever seem like Ruby might be parsing your code in a way you didn't expect? Over on Ruby Inside I've written a short article showing how to use Ruby's 'Ripper' function to dig into how Ruby sees your code.
Taking A Byte Out of Ruby
Ever wondered what the underlying bytecode for some Ruby code looks like? Chris White takes us on a tour through bytecode generated by MRI 1.9, Rubinius and JRuby.
Destructuring with Ruby
Tony Pitluga takes a look at how Ruby handles multiple assignments (particularly from arrays and hashes, on the fly) and the splat operator. Lots of tiny examples to spy on.
3 Areas Where MacRuby Shines vs. Objective-C
The developers of Redwood, a MacRuby-powered OS X app, share some examples of where MacRuby gave them the upper hand over Objective C.
Consuming SOAP Webservices in Ruby
Peterson Ferreira demonstrates how to use the Savon library to access a SOAP-based API. Short and sweet.
Capybara-WebKit: Bringing WebKit to your Integration Tests
Finding Multiple Assignment Bugs in Ruby using Laser
Michael Edgar demonstrates how to use his Laser Ruby static analysis tool to discover bugs in multiple assignment scenarios (i.e. code similar to a, b, c = 1, 2)
2011 Rubyist's Guide to a Mac OS X Dev Environment
Dan Croak of Thoughtbot looks at how he recently set up a new OS X 10.7 (Lion) system for doing Ruby development. Lots of detail.
Ruby Techniques Revealed: Autoload
It's two years old, but this post on Ruby Inside has been getting some attention lately from folks who didn't know about Ruby's 'autoload' feature. If you don't either, check it out :-)
Using Java from Ruby with JRuby IRB
Hiro Asari talks about using Java libraries from Ruby using JRuby.
Understanding the Ruby Object Model
Loading Plugins with RubyGems
Aaron Patterson on Rails 3.1 and Ruby Performance
At RailsConf 2011, Obie Fernandez interviewed the much esteemed Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson and quizzed him on Rails 3.1, the Ruby garbage collector, and more.
The ChangeLog Interviews Wayne Seguin, The RVM Guy
Steve and Wynn of the always awesome The Changelog podcast have caught up with RVM's own Wayne E Seguine to talk about RVM, BDSM, Bundler, and more.
Libraries and code
Nickel: Date, Time and Message Extraction from Natural Text
Nickel extracts date, time, and message information from naturally worded text. So if you pass in "wake up everyday at 11am", it understands it's a daily reoccurrence at 11am and the message is "wake up". Useful.
Amazon Product: Grab Amazon Product Info in Ruby
Amazon Product is a Nokogiri-backed Ruby wrapper to the Amazon Product Advertising API. It works with 8 different Amazon sites around the world.
Buffet: A Distributed Testing Framework for Ruby
Buffet is a test distribution framework for Ruby. This means that it distributes your tests across all your worker machines and runs them in parallel, which significantly speeds up the testing cycle. It's currently in alpha.
RubyCraft: Minecraft World Editing from Ruby
Daniel Ribeiro has put together RubyCraft, a simple library for manipulating the region files of popular indie game MineCraft. If you want to rapidly create MineCraft structures of your own or programmed designs, check it out.
sequel_rails3: Replace ActiveRecord with Sequel in Rails 3
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Senior JRuby and Rails Engineer [Oakland, California]
Outbid is a unique peer-to-peer auctioning platform designed to allow users to host their own live online auctions. They're seeking someone with a blend of Ruby, JRuby, and Java expertise.
Rails Developer at World's 2nd Biggest Rails Site [San Francisco, California]
Scribd is a popular social document sharing site (and a YCombinator startup) that's now the 2nd most popular Rails powered site in the world. They're seeking both general and senior level Rails developers to work full-time in SF.
Senior Rails Developer at Scribd [San Francisco, California]
Bioinformatics Startup Seeks Rails Engineers in The Mission, San Francisco
Last but not least..
Ruby Reloaded 2: My Course for Rubyists Looking to Level Up
Did you learn Ruby on the job and miss out on some of the essentials and background? Or do you just want to boost your Ruby confidence? My course, Ruby Reloaded, is now open for its second run, starting August 30. And with the code 'WEEKLY' you get 50 beans off of the ticket price. And if the date doesn't suit, you can just join the waiting list and get a grandfathered discount for next time.
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