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Ruby Weekly Issue 56
August 25, 2011
From the Editor's Desk..
This week Ruby Weekly is brought to you by Scout. Monitoring a server cluster without a sys admin? You'll love Scout. I'm delighted to welcome them as our first full issue sponsor and you'll be seeing a little more of them in some future issues.
The 'Pragmatic Guide to Sass' Now Available in Beta
Sass is a popular Ruby-powered 'syntactically awesome' stylesheets system that makes it easier to work with CSS. Hampton and Michael Catlin have been working on a book about it for the Pragmatic Programmers and it's now available in beta e-book form.
JRuby 1.6.4 Released
What's new in the latest release of the JVM-focused Ruby implementation? 1.9 language and core class fixes, an all new OS X installer, the ability to set 1.9 mode by default, and more.
RubyGems 1.8.9 Released
There's not much new in the latest RubyGems release but a key bug involving uninstalling multiple gems at once has been resolved.
RubyShift 2011: 2 Day Ruby Conference in Ukraine (October 22-23)
From Our Sponsor
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Articles and Tutorials
A Gentle Introduction to CarrierWave (The Uploader System)
CarrierWave is self-described as a 'classier solution for file uploads for Rails, Sinatra and other Ruby web frameworks.' Trevor Turk shows us how to get started with it here.
5 Different Types of Code Reuse in RSpec
A demonstration of different ways you can tidy up common, repeated bits of Ruby code in RSpec spec files, including modules, helper methods, shared examples, shared contexts and custom matchers.
Test Multiple Rubies by Combining Bundler and RVM
Zach Moazeni quickly demonstrates how to use rvm's exec feature along with Bundler to quickly install gems and run tests across multiple Ruby versions in one go.
The Scala and Ruby Rosetta Stone
An interesting post by James Brechtel showing off short code examples written in both Ruby and Scala, a popular JVM-based language.
Be Careful How You Override
Michael Edgar continues his fascinating series of blog posts showing off his Ruby static analyzer, Laser. This time he demonstrates how to use Laser to detect issues with overriding certain Ruby methods.
Write Your Own Gemspecs
Les Hill demonstrates how to build a gem from scratch using Bundler and publish it on Bundler generates a simple gemspec for you but you can tailor it by hand from there. It's a purer alternative to the many library frameworks available.
How to Replace The Rails Console With Pry
Pry is a powerful REPL environment that's rapidly replacing IRB in many Rubyists' toolkits. In this tiny blog post, Dan Watson shows how to replace IRB with Pry for your Rails console.
Writing Software, Not Code, With Cucumber
It's a year old, alas, but I've just found this epic 263 slide PDF presentation by Ben Mabey about Cucumber and how to approach it with the right mindset. There's a lot to see in here but the focus is on using Cucumber in just the right way at a sensible level of abstraction.
Creating Asynchronous Web Services with Goliath
Tips for Migrating from Webrat to Capybara
Pry with Rails (RailsCasts)
Ryan Bates presents an 8 minute screencast about how to use the IRB-alternative Pry, how to integrate it with a Rails app, and how to use it to help you debug your app.
DevOpsCasts: 2 Screencasts on Using Chef
Libraries and code
A JRuby Port of a Game by Minecraft's Creator
Last weekend, Notch (creator of popular indie game Minecraft) created a game called Prelude of the Chambered for the Ludum Dare coding contest. I've spent a couple of days porting it to JRuby. It's not super speedy but it's mostly playable. Have fun!
Valium: The Cure for ActiveRecord Instantiation Anxiety
Valium is a library that adds support for loading data through ActiveRecord-maintained tables but without instantiating any ActiveRecord objects. This lends itself to significant speedups in certain data retrieval scenarios.
Rugged: Ruby Bindings for libgit2 (A Pure C Git Library)
Pakyow: A New Ruby Web Framework
Steam Condenser: Access the Steam Gaming System from Ruby
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Ruby and Rails Engineers (Edinburgh, Scotland)
FreeAgent, leading pioneers in web-based accounting, are looking for full-time Ruby engineers of all levels to join their engineering team in a brand new office in beautiful Edinburgh. It's a fantastic opportunity to join a young, exciting and fast-growing company, helping to develop a much-loved and high-traffic customer-facing web app. We pay well and you’ll have the best kit, flexible hours, 33 days annual leave, pension scheme and more.
Work at the Fastest Moving PaaS Startup, AppFog
AppFog (born from PHP Fog) is the leading platform-as-a-service originally built for PHP, but expanding. They're seeking exceptional developers (writing in Ruby), systems engineers, and designers to work on their systems. AppFog is based in Portland, OR but they're comfortable with remote working too. Smartness is key and trumps academic qualifications.
Ultimate Agile Developer Job at Pivotal Labs [New York, New York]
Last but not least..
Scout: Sys-Adminless Server Monitoring Built on Ruby
They didn't ask for this extra mention but I wanted to give an additional nod to Scout, this week's sponsor. Since they launched, I've found their server monitoring service quite interesting and I think you might too.
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