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Ruby Weekly Issue 57
September 1, 2011
From the Editor's Desk..
Big news this week: the final production release of Rails 3.1 is here. Congratulations to the Rails core team and, especially, Aaron Patterson for the release. It's a big one!
Rails 3.1.0 Released
A significant new Rails release is here: 3.1. It's probably one of the most significant Rails releases, short of Rails 3 itself. Prototype gives way to jQuery, CoffeeScript arrives, Rack::Cache gets included, reversible migrations, the asset pipeline, Sass, and more.
Rails 3.1 Release Notes
Agile Web Development with Rails Book Updated for Rails 3.1
Official Rails API Docs Switching to SDoc
Xavier Noria of the Rails core team announces that as of Rails 3.1, the official Rails API site will be switching to SDoc for its documentation presentation format. It certainly looks nicer than the old one, so great work.
Sprockets 2.0 Released
Sam Stephenson's Rack-based asset packaging system (as used in Rails 3.1's asset pipeline) has reached version 2.0, it adds JST (JavaScript Template) support for EJS, as well as Eco templates (Embedded CoffeeScript templates).
RubyGems 1.8.10 Released: Code Injection Flaw Resolved
RubyGems has suffered from a long standing (but just discovered) code injection flaw. RubyGems 1.8.10 is, therefore, an important update since it patches it up. For more on this, see 'rubygems-pwn' later in this newsletter.
Articles and Tutorials
An Introduction to Ruby Mixins
Ever heard of the concept of using Ruby modules to create 'mixins' to mix functionality into existing classes? If you have but you're not up to speed with the concept, Craig Wickesser presents a basic introduction to the concepts involved here.
Hire a Guard for Your Project
Michael Bleigh of Intridea presents an awesome introduction to Guard, a handy Ruby-powered general purpose set of tools for watching when files are changed in your project and taking action based on it. However, while Guard is a Ruby project, his examples go a bit broader than that.
Using the Asset Pipeline outside of Rails for Serving CoffeeScript and Sass
Eric Allam of EnvyLabs demonstrates how to use Rails 3.1's new Sprockets-powered 'asset pipeline' feature outside of a Rails application setting.
Getting HTTPS Going on Your Local POW Instance Using Nginx
Jason Nah goes through the steps that he took to get HTTPS running on a Rails application running locally on OS X under Pow.
Some New Features in Factory Girl 2
David Tuite looks at some of the new features in the latest version of perhaps the most popular 'object factory' library used in the Ruby testing world, Factory Girl. Useful tips here if you use FG.
Foreman, The Multiple Process Manager
In this week's RailsCasts Ryan Bates spends just a few minute looking at Foreman, a handy took for managing the multiple processes that may be associated with your Rails app (e.g. Web servers, queue workers, other daemons).
CoffeeScript for the Well-Rounded Rubyist
CoffeeScript's creator Jeremy Ashkenas talks for 45 minutes about his creation (a Ruby and Python-esque language that compiles down to JavaScript) from his shared perspective as a Rubyist.
How to use the Redcar Editor with a Rails Project
Redcar is a clean and intuitive open-source editor written in Ruby. This short screencast shows you how to install Redcar and use it to navigate around a Rails project.
Libraries and code
Rails 3.1 Example Apps and Tutorials
Daniel Kehoe has put together several detailed tutorials and example apps for the just-released Rails 3.1, including examples showing how to use Devise with RSpec and Cucumber, Devise with Mongoid, and OmniAuth with Mongoid.
Stasis - A Ruby Static Site Generator
Stasis is a new Ruby-based static site generator (think nanoc or Jekyll). It's very light but powerful, supporting, among other things, controllers that contain Ruby code that can be run before templates are rendered.
gritter: Growl-like Notifications for Rails Apps using jQuery
Gritter allows you to easily add Growl-like notifications to your Rails applications (including those on 3.1) using a jQuery plugin also called 'gritter'.
rubygems-pwn: Proof of Concept for a RubyGems Vulnerability
Versions of RubyGems prior to 1.8.10 can fall foul of a code injection bug as demonstrated by the rubygems-pwn gem by Postmodern. If you want to learn more about the vulnerability, this is what you need to read.
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Ruby and Rails Engineers (Edinburgh, Scotland)
FreeAgent, leading pioneers in web-based accounting, are looking for full-time Ruby engineers of all levels to join their engineering team in a brand new office in beautiful Edinburgh. It's a fantastic opportunity to join a young, exciting and fast-growing company, helping to develop a much-loved and high-traffic customer-facing web app. We pay well and you’ll have the best kit, flexible hours, 33 days annual leave, pension scheme and more.
Ruby on Rails Developer for Media Applications at Gannett Co [Fairfax, Virginia]
Ruby on Rails Developer at Enable Labs [Troy, New York]
Last but not least..
Q&A with Matz, the Creator of Ruby
Klint Finley presents an interview with Ruby's benevolent dictator, Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto. He asks him about his new role at Heroku and, intriguingly, Matz's second favorite language (after Ruby).
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