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Ruby Weekly Issue 59
September 15, 2011
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 59 of Ruby Weekly! This week we're sponsored by Startup Digest, they do e-mail newsletters like this but for the startup space (learn about tech meetups in your city, etc.) I've been a subscribe for ages and it's awesome to have them here. And, let's not forget, there's plenty of useful Ruby and Rails news this week too :-)
RailsInstaller 2 for Windows Released
Version 2 of the popular RailsInstaller system for Windows-based Rubyists has gone live. It includes Ruby 1.9.2, Rails 3.1, and an ActiveRecord SQL Server adapter - all out of the box. An excellent leap forward.
Watch The Golden Gate Ruby Conference Live (on Friday and Saturday)
The 3rd annual GoGaRuCo conference is taking place this Friday and Saturday (16-17 September) and while it might be too late to attend, Confreaks will be streaming the whole thing live online. It starts around 9:30am Pacific time on Friday and you can find a link here.
Faker 1.0 Released (The Fake Data Generator)
Faker is a 'fake data' generation gem that was first released 4 years ago but it's finally reached its 1.0 milestone. It supports Ruby 1.9 and 1.8 and is now fully internationalized.
From Our Sponsor
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Articles and Tutorials
An Unofficial Ruby Coding Style Guide
A pretty decent attempt at a 'style guide' for Ruby by Bozhidar Batsov. I agree with nearly all of it and it seems to fit the idiomatically Ruby styling you'd see from the core team, in the Pickaxe, TRPL, and elsewhere.
What are All Those Rails 3.1 Gems?
Mike Gunderloy notes that a simple 'gem install rails' on Rails 3.1 brings down 30 different gems. What are they and what do they do? Mike gives us a snappy run-through.
Getting to Grips with Blocks
If blocks pose no problems to you (if you could reimplement Fixnum#times, you're good) you can skip this one, but if you want a gentle introduction to blocks, this walkthrough by Dave Kennedy could be just the ticket.
Mike Subelsky: Using Goliath as an API Proxy
Tame Rails E-mail Dragons with Mailhopper
Mailhopper provides a simple ActiveRecord-based queue for asynchronous delivery of email in Rails apps. Essentially you can create your mails synchronously and on the fly and then have them delivered asynchronously.
How to Create a Fan-Gated Facebook Tab with Rails and JavaScript
Rails 3.1 and Asset Pipeline Problems with Apache
Authentication with Sorcery - RailsCasts
Ryan Bates' latest Railscasts takes him into the world of authentication using Sorcery, a full-featured, modular solution to authentication which leaves the controller and view layers up to you.
Interview with Dr Nic Williams of Engine Yard
At RailsConf 2011, Obie Fernandez spoke with Dr Nic Williams of Engine Yard about Rails, the RailsInstaller project (linked above), and the future of Ruby VMs (Engine Yard sponsors both JRuby and Rubinius).
Ben Orenstein on Factory Girl 2.0
Steve Klabnik on the MiniTest TDD Framework
Libraries and code
Hoof: A Linux Equivalent of 37signals' Pow Rack Development Server
Hoof is a Linux version of Pow, the zero-configuration Rack server for Mac OS X.
MiniRecord: Schema Management for ActiveRecord Models without Migrations
MiniRecord is an extension for ActiveRecord that lets you specify the schema of the model's database table directly in the model class. No more migrations necessary.
Mercury: A Fully Featured HTML5 Editor in the Browser
Mercury is a full-featured HTML5 editor aimed at content editing use in the browser (for client use with your webapps, say). You can use it independent of any framework but there is a Rails Engine version too.
MiniTest-Matchers: RSpec-style Matchers for MiniTest::Spec
Backbone-Rails: Easily Setup and Use Backbone.js with Rails 3.1
Agent Orange: Browser User Agent Parsing in Ruby
Agent Orange is a 'user agent' detection / parsing library for Ruby. You can do things like work out what device and manufacturer the client is running on (for mobile) or make simple checks into browser versions.
MicroMIDI: A Ruby DSL for MIDI
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Senior Ruby Developer [Berlin, Germany]
1000jobboersen is a German-based, innovative job posting system and they're seeking a senior Rubyist to join their team, which includes 2 ex-HashRocket and 1 ex-ThoughtWorks developers. The benefits are pretty cool.
Front-End Software Engineer at [Arlington, Virginia]
Rails Web Developer at Elastic [Seattle, Washington]
Rails Webapps Developer for gaggleUp (Toronto, Canada)
Last but not least..
ruby_basic: Materials for a Two-Day Introductory Ruby Course
ruby_basic is a set of materials (slides plus code exercises and demos) created by Peter Marklund for a 2 day introductory Ruby course. He's made them available under a Creative Commons license for anyone who may find them useful.
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