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Ruby Weekly Issue 68
November 17, 2011
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 68 of Ruby Weekly! This week I'm again proud to have Scout, the awesome sys-admin-free hosted server monitoring service, as our sponsor.
Coming soon: rvm get stable (or RVM Gets a Release Manager)
Dr Nic Williams of Engine Yard has announced that Michal Papis has gotten an Engine Yard Open Source Grant to work as a release manager for the esteemed Ruby Version Manager (RVM).
New Relic Raises $15m Additional Funding To Continue Growing
New Relic, well known in the Ruby and Rails worlds for their application performance monitoring tools, have just tipped over 14,000 active customers and.. raised an extra $15m to continue with their growth plan.
My Ruby Programming Language Course at CodeLesson
My regular 4 week introduction to Ruby course (for total beginners) starts again on this coming Monday, November 21. Check it out or recommend it to anyone looking to learn Ruby from scratch.
From Our Sponsor
Scout: Sys-Adminless Hosted Server Monitoring, Built on Ruby
Monitoring a server cluster without a sys admin? You'll love Scout. You can be up and running within five minutes and then configure your monitoring and reporting scripts online (they'll be automatically and securely retrieved by each of your monitored servers). Easy for sysadmins and non-sysadmins alike.
Articles and Tutorials
MagLev: NoSQL OODB with a Smalltalk-based Ruby VM (The Interview)
We posted about the release of MagLev 1.0, an alternative Ruby implementation, a few weeks ago, but now Werner Schuster presents an info-packaged interview with project leader Monty Williams.
Man and Ruby
'Man' pages provide a handy way to document command line tools on UNIX-like operating systems including Linux and OS X. In this article, learn how to create man pages for your own Ruby projects.
Multi-Threaded Use of Rails ActiveRecord 3.0 / 3.1
An extensive article about using ActiveRecord to perform database queries concurrently. Quite a lot of ideas to take away here.
Speeding Up Ruby 1.9.3 on Windows
A Solution to Ruby 1.9.3 + TextMate Ruby Bundle Segfaulting
If you haven't had a problem with Ruby 1.9.3 and TextMate, skip this one, but if you have.. there's a way to stop seeing a segmentation fault in Ruby whenever TextMate needs to show off an exception.
Crafting Rubies: Best Practices While Cutting Gems
Over at RubySource, Nathan Kleyn shares some best practices when it comes to putting together your own Ruby gems.
6 Talks from WindyCityRails 2011
WindyCityRails 2011 was held in Chicago back in September and the videos are now online. See Dr Nic Williams, Tom Preston Werner, Steve Klabnik, and others at their best. There's also a compilation of lightning talks.
Getting Started with Spree
Spree allows you to quickly turn a Rails project into a full eCommerce application. In this episode of RailsCasts, Ryan Bates shows us how to set it up and configure the look and feel of a store.
Libraries and code
Dropbox::API - DropBox Ruby API Client
Dropbox::API from Future Simple aims to provide the most 'Rubyesque' experience to using the DropBox API. The whole API is covered, it uses the established oauth gem, and it doesn't mess around with core Ruby classes. Sounds good.
Absurdly Simple Split Testing (in Rails 3)
The aim of Absurdity is to give you a simple yet feature-rich way of conducting split testing. It offers multiple variants, multiple metrics, and multiple tracks per user.
Consular: Automates Your Development Workflow Setup
Consular is the new name for Terminitor, a system that can set up your terminal with numerous running processes based upon a configuration file or short DSL-based Ruby code snippet you produce.
Backbone on Rails: Simple Gem for using Backbone.js with Rails 3.1
Gon: Your Rails Variables in Your JS
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Rails Developer at ManageIQ [Mahwah, New Jersey]
Senior Rails Engineer at VerticalResponse [San Francisco, California]
Sr. Developer (API and Backend) at AnyPresence, Inc. [Sterling, Virginia]
Last but not least..
The Ruby (MRI) Source Code Cross Reference
See the full MRI Ruby source repository with main identifiers and function names cross referenced between files. One for the MRI code spelunkers only.
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