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Ruby Weekly Issue 74
December 29, 2011
From the Editor's Desk..
Due to the holidays it's a slimmer than usual edition of Ruby Weekly today, but I'm starting something new. At the bottom of this e-mail is a new section called 'Ruby Picks' where a fellow Rubyist shares a few key Ruby libraries or tools they're enjoying. We start with James Edward Gray II of The Ruby Quiz and Ruby Rogues fame. See you in 2012!
DOS Attack Vulnerability Found in Ruby 1.8's Hash Algorithm
Ruby 1.8.7-p352 and earlier are affected by a wide reaching (as in Python and Java are also affected!) hash related vulnerability. Ruby 1.9 is entirely unaffected.
JRuby Released: Fixes the Hashing Vulnerability
JRuby is a minor patchlevel release of JRuby that's mostly interesting because of the potential hash-based DOS vulnerability it papers over. Plenty of info in this post.
KidsRuby 1.0 Released
KidsRuby is a kid-focused (but just as useful for adults!) Ruby editor aimed at being an environment for teaching the Ruby language. It includes tutorials and a Logo-esque turtle graphics system for more visual types of learning.
Articles and Tutorials
MiniTest Quick Reference
MiniTest is the unit testing library that comes in the Ruby 1.9 standard library and which also acts as a compatibility layer for test/unit on 1.9. Matt Sears has put together a handy round up of the assertions and matchers offered by MiniTest::Unit and MiniTest::Spec.
Structural Design Patterns in Ruby
Gregory Brown looks at seven structural design patterns laid out by the Gang of Four, the Adapter, Bridge, Composite, Proxy, Decorator, Facade and Flyweight.
'bundle exec rails' Executes Bundler.setup 3 Times
Rails core team member Santiago Pastorino notes that running 'bundle exec rails' is an inefficient mistake and explains why. (TLDR: Just use 'rails', it'll work out the particulars.)
1 and 2 Letter Ruby Gems
Mike Gunderloy looks at Ruby gems that only have a single letter as their name. It's a mixture of junk and curiosities.
'Kestrels, Quirky Birds, and Hopeless Egocentricity' by Reg Braithwaite
Ruby's own 'Raganwald' has compiled his essays about combinatory logic, method combinators and Ruby meta-programming into a handy and inexpensive e-book. Cerebral stuff.
Evaluating Alternative Decorator Implementations in Ruby
Deprecating a Legacy Subsystem in Rails
Media (Video and Audio)
'Architecture the Lost Years' by Robert Martin at Ruby Midwest 2011
I really enjoyed this keynote by 'Uncle Bob' at the recent Ruby Midwest 2011 conference. He talks about application architecture and how the typical 'Rails way' of approaching it has key disadvantages compared to a decoupled approach.
ActiveRecord Anti-Patterns for Fun and Profit
At November's Ruby Midwest 2011, Ethan Gunderson gave a talk on common mistakes made when working with ActiveRecord and how to make everything all better.
Smalltalk On Rubinius (or How to Implement Your Own Programming Language)
At September's Golden Gate Ruby Conference, Konstantin Haase gave a talk about implementing a programming language using Ruby and the Rubinius compiler tool chain.
Getting Started with Rails: RailsCasts
Ryan Bates takes it back to basics this week with a quick 7 minute sweep through some of the sites, tools, and books you'll find useful when starting out with Rails as of late 2011.
Vim for Rails Developers Screencast
An inexpensive 34 minute screencast by Ben Orenstein that teaches you how to use the popular Vim text editor when working with Rails projects. Ben has a lot of experience in this area.
The Ruby Rogues on Benchmarking and Profiling
Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson rejoins the Rogues for an hour long chat about benchmarking and profiling Ruby code. There's a lot of depth here and it makes for a typically good and roguish listen.
MacRuby for Fun and Profit by Joshua Ballanco (55 minutes)
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Software Developer at Geoforce, Inc. [Lewisville, Texas]
Network Software Engineer at Carnegie Mellon University [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
James Edward Gray II's Ruby Picks
James Edward Gray II (@JEG2) has been in the Ruby community since before Rails shipped. He's been involved in almost every aspect of the community over the years and these days he's a regular panelist on the Ruby Rogues podcast and is teaching Rubyists all his favorite tricks in his Rubies in the Rough column.
His picks:
Pry - I've finally kicked IRb to the curb in favor of this more useful REPL.
faraday - A neat "reverse Rack" library that abstracts the process of making Web requests and allows the use of middleware to modify them. I show off how I've used it in this slide deck.
Typhoeus - My favorite HTTP backend to use with faraday or just on its own. You can't beat it for making multiple requests in parallel.
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