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Ruby Weekly Issue 79
February 2, 2012
British Government's New Portal Built on Ruby, Rails and Sinatra
The British Government has launched the beta of '', a new attempt to centralize government Web sites. Ruby is not a focus of this article but it's revealed that Ruby makes up 'most of the application code' with a mixture of Rails and Sinatra.
JRuby 1.6.6 Released: 1.9 Support Continues to Improve
The latest release of JRuby rounds out its support Ruby 1.9 by fixing a batch of bugs and updating its stdlib to match 1.9.2p312. RubyGems also gets updated to 1.8.15. Get ready for JRuby 1.7 though where 1.9 mode will become the default.
Rails 3.2.1 Changelogs: A Very, Very Minor Update
Registration Open for Madison Ruby Conference (August 2012)
From Our Sponsor
SendGrid: Email Delivery. Simplified.
Eliminate the headaches of maintaining custom email systems. SendGrid provides reliable delivery, real-time analytics, and a flexible API.(Powered by LaunchBit)
Articles and Tutorials
Five Favorite 'Hidden' Features in Rails 3.2
Jose Valim shows off five features of Rails 3.2 that he particularly digs. An enjoyable list; I didn't know of any of these.
A Chat with Nick Quaranto About Internals
An interesting and extremely visual interview with Nick Quaranto of about how the site works and how gems are stored and distributed. Lots of interesting stuff in here.
Using Rails 3.2 With Ruby 1.9.3 on Heroku
Daniel Kehoe has updated his Rails on Heroku tutorial to support Rails 3.2 and Ruby 1.9.3. Want to get a new Rails app up and running on Heroku? This is a fine place to start.
Rendering Collections of Heterogeneous Objects in Rails 3.2
37signals: Code Statistics for Basecamp Next
37signals' Basecamp was the app from which Rails was initially extracted, so it's interesting to see how 37signals are using Rails to build the next, fully rewritten version. The real value here is in the comments where DHH answers many questions about their stack.
Screencasts and Presentations
Jbuilder: RailsCasts on DHH's JSON Generation Library
Jbuilder provides a DSL for generating JSON. It includes a template engine which allows you to create complex responses with helpers and conditions. In this screencast, Ryan Bates shows off the basics.
Ruby Freelancers — A New Podcast on the Business of Ruby Dev
Ruby Freelancers is a new podcast focusing on the art of being a freelance Ruby or Rails developer. Things kick off with Charles Max Wood, Eric Davis, Evan Light, and Jeff Schoolcraft at the helm.
Padrino: The Godfather of Sinatra
A 70 slide presentation that shows off Padrino (a webapp framework built on top of Sinatra) by way of Rack and Sinatra. They say that Padrino = Sinatra++.
Libraries and code
Devise 2.0 Released: The Flexible Auth System Grows Up
Devise 2.0 is here but it's aimed at deprecations rather than new features. Nonetheless, it adds Rails 3.2 support and supports e-mail reconfirmation. Beware though, it now only supports Rails 3.1 and above.
A Patched Ruby 1.9.3-p0 for A 30% Faster Rails Boot
A somewhat adhoc set of patches to boost the performance of Ruby 1.9.3-p0 have been floating around on GitHub this week. Tread with caution but it may appeal to you. Hopefully the ideas will make their way into MRI proper.
Datagrid: Build and Represent Table-like Data
Datagrid is a library for building and representing table-like data. It includes filtering, columns, sort ordering, localization and more. On the ORM front it supports ActiveRecord and Mongoid.
Legato: A Ruby Google Analytics API Client
Simple Resque: Pass Resque Jobs Between Apps
Simple Resque lets you send Resque jobs from one codebase to another. Its author, Michael Subelsky, puts his workers in a different codebase to his Web app so some hacks were needed.
DocumentUp: Beautify Your GitHub Repos'
Dentaku: A Calculator for Ruby
Ever needed to parse and evaluate simple math and logic expressions at runtime? Dentaku is a gem for that.
Enumerize: Enumarated Attributes with i18n and ActiveRecord Support
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Ruby on Rails Developer at WegoWise, Inc. [Boston, Massachusetts]
Junior Rails Developer at Harvest [New York, New York]
Last but not least..
'Working With Unix Processes' by Jesse Storimer
Rubyist Jesse Storimer believes you shouldn't need to learn C to pick up some of the intricacies of Unix and Unix-based systems. In this $27 e-book he takes a Ruby based approach at tackling file descriptors, processes and forking, signals, and more. The code '5OFF' at the last step will get you $5 off too.
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