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Ruby Weekly Issue 80
February 9, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Wow, issue 80 of Ruby Weekly! It's been a mind bogglingly busy week for me so far so I'm going to shut up and let you get straight on the links :-)
Full Draft of 'Rails Tutorial' 2nd Edition is Now Available
Michael Hartl, author of 'Rails Tutorial', has finished a draft of a new Rails 3.2-focused edition of the popular book and Web site. This is a popular way to learn Rails and it's only getting better!
BACON: A Conference on 'Things Developers Love' in London
Bacon is an interesting looking dev conference taking place in London this April. They're looking for Ruby, JS, HTML5 (etc!) speakers who can submit a proposal by February 17th. An awesome set of speakers so far, I'd go if I could!
Mechanize 2.1.1 Released
From Our Sponsor
Scout: Hosted Server Monitoring (Now in Real Time)
Deploying a new feature? Load testing? Debugging a performance issue? Get your server metrics in real time for immediate feedback. You’re just "gem install scout" away from easy, Ruby-powered server monitoring.
Articles and Tutorials
The History of Rubinius
A beautifully presented magazine article by Evan Phoenix about the background to Rubinius' creation and its development all the way up to 1.0. Not much tech stuff in here but a truly heartwarming story about the little Ruby implementation that could.
Journey to the Center of JRuby
Pat Shaughnessy (who is going for the record of most mentions in Ruby Weekly ever) is back again with an excellent 'deep dive' into JRuby and how it takes our Ruby code and turns it into something the JVM can run. Divine!
DynamoDB for the Uninitiated Rubyist
Michael Bleigh of Intridea presents a quick Ruby-focused introduction to Amazon's DynamoDB, a fully managed NoSQL database service that's part of Amazon Web Services.
Twitter's Bootstrap in the Rails 3.1+ Asset Pipeline
An Introduction to Ruboto: Ruby + Android
Marc Berszick presents a practical introduction to Ruboto, technology that allows you to run Ruby scripts on Android devices.
Customizing ActiveRecord's Attribute Formatting on #inspect
ActiveRecord::Base provides a useful out-of-the-box implementation of inspect that allows you to see the content of all of a record's attributes. In this article, Tim Riley shows how to customize and tidy it up.
Ruby Trick Shots: 24 Ruby Tips and Tricks in a Screencast
Over the years I've collected 100+ bite-sized Ruby tips and tricks that I've seen surprise other Rubyists. I have bigger plans for them but decided to record a video showing off 24 of them. Enjoy these.. Ruby trick shots!
RABL (Railscasts)
RABL - Ruby API Builder Language - provides a DSL for generating JSON or XML responses in a Ruby application. Learn how to share and configure complex JSON data in this RailsCasts episode.
Libraries and code
Heads Up: A Rails and JS Powered Desktop Heads Up Display
Heads Up is a simple HUD showing your calendar items for today, your unread emails and custom notes. The interesting part is it's an OS X app, yet it's built on Rails, JavaScript (using Spine), Rack::Offline and MacGap.
Strano: Capistrano and Github Sittin' in a Tree
Strano is a Github backed Capistrano deployment management UI that can run any Capistrano task via a simple Web interface.
remote_table: Open Local or Remote XLSX, XLS, ODS and CSV Tables
remote_table presents a simple, standard way of accessing the data contained in CSV, XLS, XLSX, ODS, fixed-width, and XML files as an array of hashes.
Plymouth: Start Pry in the Context of a Failed Test
Pry is an awesome alternative to the IRB Ruby console and Plymouth will automatically bring up a Pry session when a test fails in your suite, putting you right into the context of the failure. Supports Bacon, Minitest and RSpec.
Browsernizer: Rack Middleware to Redirect Unsupported Browsers
ActiveAttr: The Stuff ActiveModel Left Out
While ActiveModel has made models more consistent between ActiveRecord, Mongoid, and other ORMs, it doesn't cover every ActiveRecord feature. Bridging this gap is the inspiration behind ActiveAttr, a project by Chris Griego.
37signals MailView: Rack Middleware for Visual E-mail Testing
Railsyard: An Open Source Rails 3 CMS
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Rails Software Engineer at ZestCash [Los Angeles, California]
Senior Rails Engineer at G5 Search Marketing [Bend, Oregon]
Want your job featured in Ruby Weekly? Learn more here.
Last but not least..
Status Code: A New Weekly for Inquisitive Programmers
Keeping up on new tools, trends and ideas in the world of software development can feel like a full-time job so join your old Ruby Weekly pal over at the Status Code to get a wealth of programmers' brain-candy every Wednesday!
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