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Ruby Weekly Issue 81
February 16, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 81 of Ruby Weekly! Today I've put a few items specifically about code metrics/analysis into their own section, if you're into that topic. Other than that, see you next week :-)
Spree 1.0 Released (Rails-based E-commerce System)
Spree is almost certainly the most popular, fully featured Rails-based e-commerce system and its creators are proud to announce the release of version 1.0.0. This follows the $1.5M seed funding of Spree's parent company in October 2011.
RubyMine 4.0 (Ruby IDE) Released
RubyMine is a popular Ruby and Rails IDE by JetBrains (the folks behind IntelliJ IDEA). A focus has been put on improving its performance and UI, but it now also supports all of Rails 3.2 features, including CoffeeScript compilation right from the IDE.
Steel City Ruby Conf - Pittsburgh, PA - August 3-4, 2012
The Pry Ecosystem (the awesome alternative to IRB)
Pry is a popular alternative to IRB and in this post, its creator John Mair looks at several of the additional plugins people have developed for it.
DCI Role Injection in Ruby
Injecting 'roles' into Ruby objects has been a hot topic lately. What's the right approach for augmenting an object at runtime? Here, Mike Pack looks at some techniques including extend, mixology and delegators.
How To Build a Naive Bayes Classifier
Want to do spam detection, classification, language detection or similar? Bayes classification may be for you. This post walks through how it works before producing a Ruby implementation.
How to Apply What You've Learned from TDD to Writing Data Migrations
Making ActiveRecord Models Thin
Piotr Solnica looks at the 'fat model' problem in Rails and outlines an approach to split out model behavior and persistence. It's from 2011 but I missed it first time around and enjoyed it enough this week that it's going in!
Dave Thomas on 'Smart Constants' in Ruby
Ten Tips for Writing Better Cucumber Steps
Focus: Code Quality and Metrics
Linting Your Ruby Classes with Pelusa
Josep M Bach of Codegram wants you to 'gain new insights about your code thanks to static analysis.' He introduces Pelusa, a tool that analyzes your Ruby code and alerts you to potentially bad practices.
The Ruby Rogues on Code Metrics
The Ruby Rogues convene to talk about code metrics, static analysis, and other analysis tools. A lot of depth here.
Cane: Failing Your Build for Code Quality Problems
It seems to be quite the week for code analysis and quality projects in the Ruby world and here Xavier Shay introduces 'Cane' which takes yet another approach.
Libraries and Code
Sidekiq: Efficient Resque-compatible Message Processing for Rails 3
Got lots of Resque processes running at once? Sidekiq offers 'simple, efficient message processing' for Rails 3 applications and due to its actor-based concurrency, a single Sidekiq process could do the work of many Resque ones.
Prickle: A Simple DSL Extending Capybara
Capybara has become the de facto Ruby acceptance test framework for web apps and Prickle takes things a step further with extra methods for finding elements, performing actions, and more.
Mechanize 2.2 Released
Spotify-Water-Cooler: Multi-user Spotify Playist Queuing
This project won API Hackday NYC 2012 and as well as letting people queue tracks to play using the (awesome) Spotify, you can speak with other 'water cooler' users using the Twilio API too.
Conway's Game of Life in 140 Characters of Ruby
Deliver: Heroku-style Deployment on non-Heroku Servers
Newman: A Microframework for Email-based Apps
Still in a highly experimental state, Newman is a micro-framework aiming to do for email-based applications what Rack and Sinatra have done for web apps. Gregory Brown leads the project.
Mongoid Alphadog: Case-insensitive Sorting for Mongoid Document Strings
Rails Developer at New Relic [San Francisco, California]
Web Development Engineer at G5 Search Marketing [Bend, Oregon]
Last but not least..
Ruby Reloaded #5 Coming in March, Sign Up to be Notified
No big announcement yet but you can now sign up to be notified when Ruby Reloaded 5 is taking place (sometime in March) as well as get a discount. If you don't know what Ruby Reloaded even is (it's an online course I run), you can read about that too! :-)
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