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Ruby Weekly Issue 82
February 23, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
A lot to cover today so.. let's get straight to it! (Well, unless you want to check out issue 3 of Status Code, my new programming e-mail newsletter? ;-)) - Peter.
Ruby 1.9.3-p125 Released
Patchlevel 125 of Ruby 1.9.3 is the latest production release of MRI. It adds LLVM/clang support (ideal for OS X Lion users), GCC 4.7 support, and includes security fixes in the OpenSSL extension.
Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.8.7-2012.02 released; End of Life Imminent
Phusion has unveiled the latest release of REE which is based on Ruby 1.8.7-p358 and RubyGems 1.8.15 and is compatible with XCode 4 and OS X Lion. However, REE is being slowly retired and no Ruby 1.9 version is forthcoming for several reasons.
JRuby 1.6.7 Released: More 1.9 Fixes
Aloha Ruby Conference - Oct 8-9, 2012 - Honolulu, Hawaii
From Our Sponsor
Scout: Hosted Server Monitoring (Now in Real Time)
Deploying a new feature? Load testing? Debugging a performance issue? Get your server metrics in real time for immediate feedback. You’re just "gem install scout" away from easy, Ruby-powered server monitoring.
MacRuby and Mountain Lion (and What You Can Do To Help)
Matt Aimonetti of the MacRuby project gives an update on the state of MacRuby and points out some key areas where the team could do with some help.
Building A Unix Shell in Ruby
The first article in a series where 'Working with Unix Processes' author Jesse Storimer implements a Unix shell in pure Ruby code.
Is Ruby Interpreted or Compiled?
Pat Shaughnessy returns with yet another great article diving into the world of Ruby intepreters and execution. This time he looks at the compilers in Rubinius and JRuby and what they're producing.
SOA for the Little Guys
Over at RubySource, Mick Pack looks at the Service-Oriented Architecture pattern for building apps from a collection of segmented consumable services - all in the context of Rails.
New Tabs and Cucumber
GitHubber Jonathan Hoyt needed to write a Cucumber scenario that ran expectations against a new browser tab that would be opened. Here's how he pulled it off.
Beginning Outside-In Rails Development with Cucumber and RSpec
Focus on.. Micro Gems!
What are Micro Gems? Five Minute RubyGems (an introduction from 2011)
test/spec/mini — A Testing Library in a Micro Gem
Zach Holman has packaged up 'test/spec/mini', a simple testing library originally developed by Chris Wanstrath, into a 'micro gem'.
Micro Cutter: A Tool to Build Micro Gems
An interesting concept is that of the 'micro gem', a gem you can store in just a few files on a service like GitHub Gist. Micro Cutter helps you with their creation.
Watching and Listening
Watch Steve Klabnik Hacking on RubyGems
Steve Klabnik has shared a 50 minute video of him working on a pull request for the RubyGems project. It's not a focused or narrated video but if watching a master at work sounds interesting to you, check it out.
Libraries and Code
Virtus 0.2.0: Attributes on Steroids for Plain Old Ruby Objects
Virtus is a partial extraction of the DataMapper Property API with which you can extend your Ruby objects with attributes that require data type coercions. Handier than it sounds; see the README examples.
AlterEgo: Hosted Two Factor Authentication for your Web App
A gem to access AlterEgo, a two factor authentication service built by MailChimp, the folks I use to send Ruby Weekly each week :-)
Coffee Taster: A CoffeeScript Dev Environment for Rubyists
A simple file watcher and HTML file for Rubyists wanting to learn and play with CoffeeScript.
make_resourceful (Controller Abstractor for Rails) Released as a Gem
At a mere 5 years old, Hampton Catlin's make_resourceful controller abstraction library has finally been released as a gem and gets Rails 3.2 support.
forkjoin: JRuby Wrapper Around the Java 7 Fork/Join Framework
Sinatra, and Heroku: A Demo Starter App
Test Driven Ruby and JavaScript Developer [SF and Santa Monica, CA]
Carbon Five builds web and mobile products for startups, institutional companies and non-profit organizations using an agile process with cutting edge tools and technology. Join a team of seasoned pros in a collaborative environment and work on a new project every few months.
Rails Developer at New Relic [San Francisco, California]
Flowstone 2: A Ruby-based Graphical Programming Environment
Flowstone is a commercial Ruby-based graphical development environment aimed at the robotics and device control field. Certainly looks interesting from the screenshots and a restricted free version is available to download (Windows only).
Ruby and Rails Documentation Apps for the iPhone and iPad
Pandalab has put together two free, reasonable looking iPad and iPhone apps for looking up Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3 documentation (note: they offer an in app purchase to remove their ad). If only I'd bought my iPad into the office today to try them out..
Gemfury: A Private Gem Hosting Service in the Cloud
Gemfury is a hosted service for private and custom gems. Upload your gems, enable Gemfury as a source, and you can securely deploy any gem to any host.
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