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Ruby Weekly Issue 85
March 15, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 85 of Ruby Weekly! Short and sweet today - reminds me of the issues from the first few months of Ruby Weekly :-) - Peter.
Objects on Rails: How to Apply Classic OO Ideas to Rails Apps
For a while now, Avdi Grimm has been slaving over a delicious 'developer's notebook' documenting guidelines, techniques, and ideas for applying classic object-oriented thought to Rails apps. He's now released it free to read on the Web. I recommend reading this, it's good.
RailsConf 2012 Lands in Austin, Texas on April 23-25
The annual US Rails conference is back, this time in Texas in late April. The call for proposals is open until late March and tickets are also available. This year it's being run directly by Ruby Central.
The Ruby on Rails Tutorial, Now With Twitter's Bootstrap
Michael Hartl has updated the new Rails 3.2 version of his popular 'Rails Tutorial' to use Twitter's increasingly popular Bootstrap framework.
ActiveResource Removed From Edge Rails (and Rails 4.0)
Just as it says in the title, but take care to scroll down to see the full story, since the proposal was initially deferred but has now been implemented. Active Resouce is now available as a separate project.
Ruby 2.0's Enumerable::Lazy
Innokenty Mihailov's Enumerable::Lazy patch was accepted into Ruby trunk this week which gives us some ActiveRecord 3-style 'lazy evaluation' features on enumerations in Ruby. Worth checking out as a key new feature to come along in Ruby 2.0.
API Versions in Rails Routes: A Mind Blowing Answer?
Ryan Bigg promises to 'blow your mind' in his answer on Stack Overflow that shows some Rails 3 routing magic (in the context of versioning an API through the URL).
Sinatra + Heroku = Super Fast Deployment
Darren Jones demonstrates creating a very simple Sinatra app and deploying it on Heroku.
How to Write MiniTest::Spec Expectations
Getting the Most out of Bundler Groups
Bundler lets you create different 'groups' in your Gemfile so different environments can have different dependencies. Iain Hecker shows off some uses for this feature.
Use Different User Agents Per Cucumber Scenario
How to Add Kalendae to your Rails App
Want to use the elegant, framework agnostic 'Kalendae' JavaScript date picker on your Rails 3.1 or higher app? Stephen Ball shows us how.
Gracefully Exiting from Console Programs in Ruby
Why doesn't Nokogiri have a .gemspec file in its repository?
Watching and Listening
Refinery CMS Basics with RailsCasts
Ryan Bates shows off how to quickly build a Rails app with out of the box content management using the Rails-based CMS, Refinery CMS.
Love Your Lib Directory
Brian Cardarella shares some conventions over the use of the 'lib' directory within Ruby projects and libraries. A 20 minute talk given at Boston.rb.
Ruby Rogues on Bundler with Andre Arko
The lovable rogues are back for another hour long podcast, this time discussing the Bundler project with its maintainer Andre Arko.
Libraries and Code
Rubydeps: Create Dependency Graphs from Test Suites
Rubydeps is a tool to create class dependency graphs from test suites. It runs your suite, records the call graph between the classes, and uses this info to create a Graphviz dot graph.
Ry: The Simplest Ruby Version Manager
We have RVM, we have rbenv.. we now have 'ry' too! It bills itself as the 'simplest Ruby virtual environment' and its major design goal is to explicit, unobtrusive, and easy to query. It can also lean on ruby-build to install new versions.
Rake-Pipeline: Rake-Powered Asset Packaging
A system for packaging assets for deployment to the web built as an extension to Rake. Developed by the masterminds over at Living Social.
Capital: 'Top Off' Your ActiveRecord Columns
Capital extends what's returned via your model's columns, converting values to and from 'rich objects.' It's inspired by MongoMapper's serialization. Ruby and Rails API Docs Hosted on S3
Rob Cameron was getting tired of slow or inaccessible Ruby and Rails docs so has rendered and put up an entire set of Ruby and Rails API docs (various versions) on Amazon S3.
Web Engineer at Sports Technologies, LLC [Canton, Connecticut]
There's more to life than CRUD: Solve hard problems with Ruby at MegaPhone Labs [New York City]
Rails Developer at Infusionsoft [Phoenix, Arizona]
Last but not least..
'Working With Unix Processes' by Jesse Storimer
Jesse Storimer doesn't think you should need to learn C to pick up some intricacies of Unix and Unix-style systems. In this (pay for) e-book he takes a Ruby based approach at explaining file descriptors, processes and forking, signals, and more.
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