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Ruby Weekly Issue 86
March 22, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
No big announcements this week, but due to travel, next week's Ruby Weekly might be a bit skinnier than usual, late, or not even turn up at all. Fingers crossed! :-)
The Prags Release 'The dRuby Book'
Learn from legendary Japanese Ruby hacker Masatoshi Seki in this first English-language book on his own Distributed Ruby library (DRb). Pick up distributed programming ideas straight from the source here. Available in print and e-book formats.
RSpec 2.9 Released
ArrrrCamp 2012: October 4-5th, Belgium
A two day Ruby and Rails conference with good speakers, free rum and a pirate twist. The CFP is open until May 1st and tickets are also available already.
The Pragmatic Studio Releases Ruby Training Video Course
Mike and Nicole Clark of The Pragmatic Studio are selling a set of videos from which to learn Ruby programming from scratch. They usually run in-person classes but this gives you a similar experience in video form.
GitHub's Ruby Style Guide
The folks at GitHub have put together a document outlining the Ruby styles and conventions they use for their internal apps. Plenty of good practice in here, along with a little opinion.
Learning More About JRuby from Charles Nutter
Pat Shaughnessy has interviewed Charles Nutter of the JRuby core team and digs into the meaning behind JRuby, what JRuby is well suited for, how its internals work, and where JRuby is headed in the future.
A Use of Enumerable#chunk
Enumerable#chunk is a not particularly well known method in the Enumerable module (and therefore available to your arrays and hashes by default) and in this post, Eric Hodel shows off a use for it.
How to Use Bundler Instead of RVM Gemsets
Stephen Ball recently heard Bundler maintainer Andre Arko say that Bundler can obviate the need to use RVM gemsets. In this post, he investigates the idea.
Rails Is Just An API
Alex MacCaw says there's nothing wrong with relegating Rails to the API layer.
Tailin' Ruby: 'Faking' Tail Call Optimization
By default, Ruby doesn't implement tail call optimization (although it can be enabled in various ways in 1.9) so Magnus Holm set out to try and 'fake' it. An interesting experiment.
How to Test External APIs
It's common to integrate with an external API and in order to effectively test the integration, you might want to stub it out. Jared Carroll of Carbon Five shares a testing strategy using stubs for an external API.
How to Write (and Test) a Gem to Serve Static Files on the Rails Asset Pipeline
Watching and Listening
The Ruby Tap Method
Matt Stopa has begun posting a series of videos on YouTube, each one introducing a basic Ruby concept. Start out with this one about the Object#tap method.
Ruby Rogues on Objects in Rails (Part 2)
More riffing on the roles of objects and object oriented design in Ruby from the always entertaining Ruby Rogues.
Inside Ruby: Concurrency and Garbage Collection Explained
Matt Aimonetti's presentation from Ruby Argentina has finally been released. Skip a few minutes in unless you want to enjoy Matt's Spanish skills.
14 Presentation Videos from ArrrrCamp 2011
Videos from last year's ArrrrCamp have been released, including presentations by Corey Haines, Elise Huard, Jim Gay, Anthony Eden and John Long.
RubyConf Argentina 2011 - Day 1
It must be the week for releasing conference videos. RubyConf Argentina (back in November 2011) has released theirs too. Currently it's only day 1 but I'm told day 2 is just around the corner.
Libraries and Code
minitest-metadata: Metadata for your MiniTest Test Cases
minitest-metadata allows you to set metadata (key-value) for your test cases so that before and after hooks can use them.
Non-Rails Rackup with Sprockets, Compass, and Twitter Bootstrap
RSpec is Not The Reason Your Rails Test Suite is Slow
In a simple gist, RSpec maintainer David Chelimsky dispels the myth that RSpec drags slowness around with it, wherever it goes.
Oj: Optimized JSON Parser and Marshaller
Ruby Agent Engineer at New Relic [Portland, Oregon]
Ruby on Rails Developer at ManageIQ [Mahwah, New Jersey]
Last but not least..
Rails and MVC: A Free Event in London on March 28
'Rails and MVC: the good, the bad, and the ugly' is a free evening event taking place in London next week comparing Rails and ASP.NET MVC.
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