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Ruby Weekly Issue 87
April 5, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 87 of Ruby Weekly! Well I warned last week's Ruby Weekly might not turn up and.. it didn't ;-) I was in the middle of some pretty intense travel but I'm back home now. Thanks for your patience.
Matz Wins FSF's 2011 Award for the Advancement of Free Software
Free Software Foundation president Richard M. Stallman announced the winners of the FSF's annual free software awards recently with Ruby's own Yukihiro 'Matz' Matsumoto picking up the Award for the Advancement of Free Software. He joins a short list of open source heroes including Alan Cox, Larry Wall, and Guido van Rossum.
Released: 'The Rails View' by John Athayde and Bruce Williams
Working in Rails' view layer can be tricky with brittle, complex views all too easy to rustle up. This book digs into strategies and approaches for upping your Rails view game and breaking free from tangles of logic and markup in your views. Two thumbs up.
Ruby Language Accepted As An International Standard by ISO
Dalla Rosa noticed a press release from Japan's IT Promotion Agency which notes that the long awaited Ruby specification (not to be confused with RubySpec) has been approved by the International Standards Organization as the ISO/IEC 30170 standard.
Rails 3.2.3 Released
The usual laundry list of minor changes but the biggest deal here is the default value of 'config.active_record.whitelist_attributes' becomes 'true', inspired by the recent GitHub mass assignment issue. Note that the change only affects newly generated apps but you can learn more in this post.
Yehuda Katz Raises $40k for '', an OS X Rails Environment Installer
Just a week ago Yehuda Katz (well known as the lead architect behind Rails 3) launched a campaign to raise $25k to build a Ruby and Rails environment installer for OS X. It has now gone on to raise over $40k but left some in the community wondering quite what was really needed.
Rails Core Drama: Reverting 'Return an actual boolean from xml_http_request?'
A revert was made to Rails which took the xml_http_request? from returning true/false to returning a value that's 'true or false in the Ruby definition of the words.' This turned into the big Ruby drama du jour. My take? It ranks up there with the most bizarre commits to Rails but there you go.
Exploring Ruby's Regular Expression Algorithm
Pat Shaughnessy, Ruby implementation spelunker extraordinaire, digs into Oniguruma, the regular expression engine used by MRI Ruby 1.9. What does it do and how does it process your regexes?
Why You Should Be Excited About Garbage Collection in Ruby 2.0
Could it be Pat Shaughnessy again? Yes, sirree. Here he digs into the 'bitmap marking' garbage collection algorithm that promises to reduce Ruby's memory consumption in Ruby 2.0.
Using MiniTest::Spec With Rails
Ken Collins has been working on minitest-spec-rails, a gem that makes it reasonably trivial to use MiniTest::Spec (part of the Ruby 1.9 stdlib) with Rails. Learn how here. Ignore the date on this article, it was just updated!
Building Backbone.js Apps With Ruby, Sinatra, MongoDB and Haml
An extensive tutorial by Addy Osmani on building a Backbone.js at both the front and back ends. The server side part is powered by Ruby's light but powerful webapp DSL Sinatra.
Running JRuby on Heroku
Zero to Jekyll in 20 Minutes
Jonathan Jackson explains how to use the popular Jekyll blog-focused static Web site generator from scratch.
Building and Implementing a Single Sign-On Solution
What Would Happen If You Ran 'bundle update' Right Now?
Is there a bundle command to tell you what would be updated with bundle update, without actually making those updates? With Bundler 1.1.. yes there is!
Watching and Listening
RailsCasts on Copycopter
Copycopter provides an interface that clients can use to edit the text in a Rails application. Learn how to deploy a Copycopter server using Heroku and integrate it in a Rails application through I18n.
Building a Ruby Gem - A Tech Talk
A 17 minute screencast walking through building a Ruby gem from scratch using Bundler and RSpec.
PeepCode Play by Play: Jim Weirich
PeepCode continues its Play by Play screencast series with Jim Weirich, the author of the ubiquitous Rake build tool for Ruby and chief scientist at EdgeCase. Want a view over an experienced Rubyist's shoulder? This is a good place to go.
Don't Fear The Threads: Simplify Your Life with JRuby
An epic 161 slide slide-deck by David Copeland, focused on threading and JRuby.
Libraries and Code
Weary: Framework and DSL for Building RESTful Web Service Clients
Mark Wunsch's Weary is a suite of tools built around the Rack ecosystem that makes it both easy to build elegant clients for (ideally RESTful) Web services.
debugger: Port of ruby-debug That Works on 1.9.2 and 1.9.3
store_configurable: A Hash for Config Options on ActiveRecord Objects
A zero-configuration recursive hash for storing a tree of options in a serialized ActiveRecord column.
Proffer: Hide Instance Variables from Rails Views by Default
S3itch: Amazon S3 WebDAV Proxy for Skitch
Popular OS X screenshot tool Skitch is dropping its native file sharing component so Mathias Meyer has built a Sinatra-based proxy that can accept files over WebDAV and then upload them to S3.
rankable_graph: A Ruby PageRank-Like Implementation
Ruby Developer at Decisiv, Inc. [Remote working OK]
Mid-Senior Ruby Software Engineers at FreeAgent [Edinburgh, United Kingdom (Remote poss)]
Last but not least..
Cloudinary: Image Manipulation in the Cloud
A lot of webapp developers seem sick of installing things like ImageMagic to do image cropping and scaling. Cloudinary adds another solution. It's a commercial service but makes it easy to do image manipulations via URLs.
Heroku Add-ons Catalog
There are lots of add-ons for the Heroku cloud hosting service nowadays but Ivan Schneider thought they were hard to scan through, merely being in an alphabetical list, so he built a different way to browse them.
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