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Ruby Weekly Issue 90
April 26, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 90! Be warned, this is a Rails-heavy issue, probably because RailsConf was this week. Still, lots of great Ruby stuff to check out, so let's get to it :-)
Ruby 1.9.3-p194 Released
A small version bump for Ruby 1.9.3 which includes a security fix for RubyGems (and therefore an updated version) along with oodles of minor tweaks and fixes.
MRuby: A Lightweight Ruby Implementation by Matz
It's been in the making for a while (remember RiteVM?) but this week Matz's new 'lightweight' Ruby implementation, mruby, spread around the Rubysphere like wildfire. The key goal is to produce an embeddable Ruby implementation that has a smaller footprint than MRI.
MobiRuby: A Forthcoming Ruby Toolkit for Building iOS Apps
From our sponsor
Learn Rails 3.2 with Michael Hartl's (Just Updated!) Rails Tutorial
This is a great way to learn Rails. You can read the book online for free but it comes into its own with his PDF book and over 15 hours of screencasts showing you how to work with Rails 3.2 and build apps start to finish. Code 'rubyinside25' gets you 25% off till the end of April.
Extending Ruby with Ruby
Some beautiful, code-driven slides by Michael Fairley that dig into adding new features to Ruby by using Ruby itself. To do this, he takes a feature from each of Haskell, Python, and Scala and adds it to Ruby. The slides are complete with speaker notes so it's easy to follow along.
Read Ruby 1.9: The Online Ruby Book
Not new at all but the site recently went down and I lamented the loss of one of my favorite online Ruby references. Finally it's back online, so it's time to let people who haven't seen it before enjoy its greatness :-)
On mruby and MobiRuby
Matt Aimonetti, a key contributor to MacRuby, riffs on the possibilities opened up by mruby and MobiRuby (both above) while suggesting that it'll take a lot for Ruby to be considered a logical choice for iOS development, even by existing Rubyists.
10 Things You Didn't Know Rails Could Do
The slide deck from a RailsConf presentation given by Ruby demigod James Edward Gray II. In a mere 234 (!) slides, he digs into a lot of interesting Rails crevices. Lots of short examples to enjoy.
The Asset Pipeline for Dummies
Eric Berry explains the Rails asset pipeline from the absolute basics up.
Getting Started With mruby
Matt Aimonetti is a real fan of mruby and shows it off by explaining its purpose, comparing it to Lua, and then by building a barebones C app that calls mruby to run a single line of Ruby code.
Make the Web Fast(er): One Rails App at a Time
A great slide deck by Ilya Grigorik about the role that page loading speed has to play in Web applications. It's not particularly Rails focused at all but it covers key things to be aware of.
MySQL Query Comments in Rails with Marginalia
Noah Lorang of 37signals talks about marginalia, a new gem that adds extra comments to Rails' logs which can help in the debugging and performance monitoring process.
Building an iOS Photo-sharing and Geolocation Mobile Client and API
A fine tutorial in the Heroku Development Center about building a photo sharing service with a native iOS client and Rails backend. All deployed on Heroku, naturally :-)
Rails Tutorial for Devise with CanCan and Twitter Bootstrap
Daniel Kehoe is known for his detailed Rails tutorials and this time he demonstrates how to create a Rails 3.2 application using Devise with CanCan and Twitter Bootstrap, from start to finish.
Hitchhiker's Guide to Metaprogramming: Class/Module Hooks
Watching and Listening
Matz Talks About mruby and Its Possibilities
Back in November 2011, Matz gave a short (9 minutes!) but sweet talk about mruby, what it's about, and where it's headed.
The Ruby5 RailsConf 2012 Podcast
The Ruby5 podcast dedicated an entire episode to RailsConf 2012, summarizing DHH's keynote and talking about some of the other things going on, all in a mere 9 minutes.
RailsCasts on Queue Classic
The PostgreSQL database system can act as a worker queue for Rails apps replacing the need for a separate process to manage background jobs. Ryan Bates shows us how with the 'queue_classic' gem.
Rails Sustainable Productivity with Xavier Shay
At the LA Ruby Conference, Xavier Shay gave a talk about testing, data modelling, code organisation, build systems, and more, while suggesting many Rails Best Practices go against the building of solid and robust applications. 30 minutes long and well recorded/produced.
Libraries and Code
rails-api: Rails for API Applications
Several popular Rubyists have built rails-api, a plugin that can trim down usually unnecessary Rails features for API-only apps. They are particularly keen for people to try it out and send in their performance results so that it might be added directly to Rails core in future.
T: A Command-Line Power Tool for Twitter (written in Ruby)
Allowy: Another Simple Authorization DSL for Ruby (and Rails)
How DHH Has Tidied The Rails routes.rb File on BaseCamp Next
mongoid-minitest: Minitest Matchers for Mongoid
Developer Advocate/Spokesperson/Evangelist at New Relic [San Francisco]
New Relic is the emerging standard for application performance management and wildly popular in the Ruby world. They're looking for a unique individual who can nimbly walk the line between development and marketing while wearing an Evangelist hat. Sounds fun!
Ruby Developer + DevOps Engineer at GoCardless [London, UK]
GoCardless, a Y Combinator and Accel backed online payments startup, are looking for both a Ruby developer and a DevOps engineer to join their team in London. Candidates will ideally have a strong knowledge of Ruby and, for the devop position, experience with either Chef or Puppet.
Ruby and Rails Developer at GaggleUp [Toronto, Canada]
Last but not least..
Instant: A Live, Immediate Ruby Editing and Visualization Tool
An interesting browser based editing environment where the Ruby code you type is processed on the fly. Inspired by an awesome talk by Bret Victor who did something similar with JavaScript.
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