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Ruby Weekly Issue 91
May 3, 2012
DHH's RailsConf 2012 Keynote (YouTube)
DHH rails against conservatism, people who think about the newbies, and ex-hippies, while celebrating progress and getting the audience to chant "I will not fear change, I will not fight progress". "Stay hippie," he closes.
Spree 1.1 (Rails E-commerce Platform) Released
Spree is a popular Rails-based e-commerce system and the 1.1.0 release brings support for Rails 3.2, an API overhaul, and more.
YARD 0.8 Released (Ruby Documentation Tool)
YARD is the Angelina Jolie or Jason Seifer of Ruby documentation tools; elegant, well-presented, and aging well. 0.8 brings i18n support, a new 'directives' system that can affect the behavior of the parser and your documentation and, of course, a 'lot more.'
Vital Rails: 3 Day Rails Course with Jim Weirich in Manchester, UK (May 16-18)
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What Makes an Awesome Command-line Application?
David Copeland, the author of Build Awesome Command-Line Applications with Ruby, shares some pointers to building good command line apps in Ruby.
Ruby HTTP Client Performance Shootout Redux
Jonathan Rochkind puts several HTTP client libraries through their paces. Eric Hodel, author of net-http-persistent, gives the write up a thumbs up so that's good enough for me.
Code Spelunking in the All New Basecamp (37signals)
Exhibit vs Presenter
Mike Pack explores the 'exhibit' and 'presenter' decorator patterns. And if all this sounds like buzzword bingo to you, this is a pretty accessible introduction!
A Vision for Cucumber 2.0
Cucumber is a popular natural language accepting testing toolkit for Ruby and in this post Matt Wynne has collected together ideas from various Cucumber maintainers to see what's coming in Cucumber's future.
Schemaless SQL
The slides from a talk from Railsconf 2012 by Heroku developer Will Leinweber who shows off some powerful new features in Postgresql for working with schemaless data as well as JSON datatypes and embedded JavaScript.
Meet 6 Misunderstood Ruby Features
Targeting C++ developers who are learning Ruby, Arpan Sen looks at six areas of Ruby that might trip them up: class hierarchy, singleton methods, self, method_missing, exception handling, and threading. If you already know your stuff though, steer clear.
Libraries and Code
Focused Controller: Bringing Real OOP to Rails Controllers
Jon Leighton notes that classical Rails controllers violate the Single Responsibility Principle (part of the SOLID group of OO programming principles). Focused Controller aims to resolve that by splitting up responsibilities into an object each. The usage example shows it off best.
Initial Queue Implementation on Edge Rails
It seems Rails 4 is getting a built-in unified API for queueing! Enjoy this GitHub commit jam packed with comments and discussion on the development of this feature.
Sublime Text 2 Guard Plugin
This project provides integration of Guard (a tool that handles and responds to events on file system modifications) into the Sublime Text 2 editor. Handy if you want your tests to run automatically but then see the results directly in ST2.
Thor: Toolkit for Building Command Line Interfaces
Thor is not a new tool but it has a new Web site so check it out. It makes an interesting alternative to Rake for certain use cases (although ultimately Rake and Thor should serve different purposes).
Firehose: Build Real-Time Web Applications
Firehose is both a Rack application and JavasScript library that makes building scalable real-time web applications easy. You'll need to dig in a bit though as it's a little buzzwordy on the surface.
planet.rb: A Ruby Script for Building 'Planet' Style Aggregator Blogs
vimcolorscheme: Ruby DSL for Creating Vim Color Schemes
Senior Ruby Engineer at Samasource [San Francisco, California]
Senior Ruby Developer at Insight Card Services [Birmingham, Alabama]
Web Developer at Squaremouth [Fort Wayne, Indiana]
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