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Ruby Weekly Issue 92
May 10, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 92 of Ruby Weekly! An exciting project called RubyMotion came out just after issue 91 dropped so you get a full (and I mean huge!) roundup this time around. Keep an eye out for next week's issue though as we have a custom Ruby t-shirt giveaway in collaboration with.. you'll see ;-) - Peter.
RubyMotion Released: It's Ruby, but for iOS
The biggest Ruby news of the past week! RubyMotion is a Ruby implementation and toolchain for iOS by Laurent Sansonetti, the former MacRuby lead developer, that lets you build iPhone and iPad apps. (There are many RubyMotion articles this week. I've put them in their own section below.)
Read A Chapter From 'Ruby Under a Microscope', A Forthcoming E-Book
Prolific Ruby blogger Pat Shaughnessy has been working on a new e-book about Ruby language and MRI internals. It's not finished yet but he's sharing a single preview chapter for free right now. Enjoy.
Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec by Aaron Sumner
A new e-book written by Aaron Sumner that digs into building confidence with testing Rails apps using RSpec. It comes in PDF, EPUB and Mobi formats. Always handy to have up to date efforts in this regard.
Multiple Ruby Version Support on Heroku
With the release of Bundler 1.2.0 beta and the Ruby 'build pack' you can now select the version of Ruby you want to run on Heroku. Learn more here.
Mixins: A Refactoring Anti-Pattern
An interesting stroll through measuring complexity and refactoring with Steve Klabnik.
Five Common Rails Mistakes
Experienced Rails developer Mike Perham shares a handful of common mistakes he sees in most Rails apps.
How To Get 4x the Performance Out of Heroku with Unicorn
A look at using Unicorn and a Procfile to increase the number of processes that are handling Web requests when using Heroku.
Evented REST APIs with Asynchronous Ruby
Getting Started with Ember.js and Ruby on Rails
Fresh from the official Ember site comes a guide to building a simple, personal photoblog application using Ember.js and Rails 3.2.
Using Sinatra Helpers to Clean Up Your Code
Benchmark Your Bundle
See how long it takes to load each individual library referenced by your Gemfile.
RubyMotion Roundup
RubyMotion Primer: A Free 50 Minute Screencast
Mike Clark of The Pragmatic Studio presents a free 50 minute screencast that walks through building a basic iOS app with RubyMotion. If you like screencasts, this is about as useful as it gets.
Ars Technica on Building Native iOS apps with RubyMotion
RubyMotion was such a big deal that even mass media outlets like Ars Technica got in on the action. Ryan Paul gives a good high level introduction and gets some good quotes and insights direct from Laurent Sansonetti himself.
Test Drive the RubyMotion Console
An in-browser demo of RubyMotion's REPL built on top of the intriguing 'Pieceable Viewer' technology (which lets iOS apps be shared live on the Web). Think 'Try Ruby' but throw iOS into the mix.
Why RubyMotion Is Better Than Objective-C
A common response to RubyMotion has been that you still need to learn the Cocoa and other iOS APIs to build good iOS apps anyway, so why not just use Objective C? Josh Symonds shares his thoughts on why RubyMotion is a winning formula.
Matt Aimonetti's RubyMotion Review
Matt is well known for his work on the MacRuby project alongside Laurent, so it's interesting to see his take. He covers a handful of pros and a handful of cons.
A Quick RubyMotion Review by Sam Soffes
Sam lays down his money and shares some of his first thoughts.
RubyMotion and Interface Builder
RubyMotion doesn't have ready-to-roll support for Interface Builder, the common way to lay out iOS apps. But.. Ian Phillips has come up with a way to bring them together in a basic way.
A List of (GitHub) Projects Already Using RubyMotion
On Why I Am Not Buying RubyMotion
Spry: A More Ruby-like Wrapper for the iOS SDK
Watching and Listening
The Rails API Gem - RailsCasts
Ryan Bates looks at the 'Rails API' gem (recently linked in Ruby Weekly) and demonstrates how it can be used to build an API-only Rails app.
Libraries and Code
Kandan: A Slick, Rails-Powered Open Source Live Chat App
A fan of online chat apps like Talker or Campfire? Kandan is an open source Rails app that claims to be 'the slickest chat app out there!' I had it up and running on Heroku within a couple of minutes.
DataMiner: Download, Parse and Import Many Data Formats into AR Models
DataMiner by Seamus Abshere is a Ruby library that can download data archives, extract them, parse the data contained, and then import that data into ActiveRecord models.
Glorify: Sinatra Helper to Parse Markdown with Syntax Highlighting
Monologue: Mountable Rails Blogging Engine
Monologue is a basic mountable blogging engine in Rails built to be easily mounted in an already existing Rails app, but it can also be used alone.
Mechanize 2.5 Released
The popular Web request and Web site interaction library has been updated.
Senior Developer at AT&T [Palo Alto, California]
An opportunity to join a new and rapidly growing group within AT&T called 'The Foundry' that works at the cutting edge of new technologies and turns them into new opportunities for AT&T. A love of programming and proficiency with technologies like Ruby, JavaScript, and HTML5 is essential.
Senior Rails Engineer at Dish Online [Louisville, Colorado]
Last but not least..
The Ruby Show: A Bit Like Ruby Weekly, But In Audio Form
I keep bumping into people who don't know about The Ruby Show so I thought I'd do a bit of promo :-) It's a podcast presented by Jason Seifer and me and we generally joke our way through the week's Ruby news in about 15 minutes.
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