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Ruby Weekly Issue 93
May 17, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Last week I ran a link that was a guide to using Ember with Rails but I had a few complaints it was down. Sadly it wasn't meant to be public so the Ember folks took it down. I'm told it will be back again soon and I'll link to it then. Oh, and don't miss our free t-shirt promotion with New Relic this week :-) - Peter.
OpenShift (Red Hat's Answer to Heroku?)
OpenShift is Red Hat's new, free auto-scaling 'platform as a service' for webapps. It supports Java, Ruby, Node, Python, PHP and Perl and seems to be a reasonable entry into a world made popular by Ruby's own Heroku.
Startups Court Dev Bootcamp's Ruby Grads with $79K Average Salary
A rare human interest story for Ruby Weekly! Dev Bootcamp is a 10 week $12K bootcamp program for people to get up to speed with Rails development and of their latest batch, 14 of 17 developers ready to get a job got an offer at an average salary of $79K.
The Bastards Book of Ruby
Billing itself as 'a programming primer for counting and other unconventional tasks,' the online Bastards Book teaches Ruby programming via practical data processing tasks. It's aimed at non-programmers and especially journalists, researchers, scientists, etc.
From our sponsor: an exclusive t-shirt
Get A Free Ruby T-Shirt from New Relic
New Relic is giving away free t-shirts (of designs currently exclusive to Ruby Weekly and Ruby Inside) to readers who check out and then deploy New Relic on their Ruby apps. Not familiar with New Relic? They're a popular Web app performance monitoring and management service and it's free to get started.
Passing Open Files Between Processes with UNIX Sockets
Jesse Storimer shares a neat technique for using UNIX sockets as a conduit to passing file descriptors between processes.
Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, Jasmine, HAML and Rails Working Together
A holistic walkthrough by Jeremy Walker tying together a bunch of modern Web development technologies.
A Better Way to Set Up Rails on Windows
Don't flame me about this, but what's the best way to get a Rails environment running on Windows for development work? Use VirtualBox and a VM says Roshan Choxi of programming training company Bloc.
Everyone Should Be Using Low Level Caching in Rails
A Messy, Unfiltered Roadmap of Ruby 2.0 Features
Watching and Listening
10 Minutes on Rails Engines
Ryan Bigg presents a well-recorded ten minute tour of Rails engines, what they are, how they work in different versions of Rails, how to build them, and examples of their usage in Forem and Spree.
Sandboxing Ruby Code: Lessons from the Battlefield
A talk by Tejas Dinkar and Jasim Basheer from RubyConf India 2012 looking at the process of running untrusted code on your server using various sandboxing techniques.
rbenv and Bundler
An hour long talk from the Pittsburgh Ruby Brigade presenting a history of rbenv and Bundler, debating the merits of rbenv and RVM, and showing off rbenv-bundler, a new plugin which ties rbenv and Bundler together.
Yehuda Katz on 'Rails: The Next Five Years' at RailsConf 2012
Ruby Today, Ruby Forever: Charles Nutter's RubyConf India 2012 Keynote
Libraries and Code
FigLeaf: Private Inheritance for Ruby Classes
FigLeaf is a tool demonstrated in Avdi Grimm's 'Object on Rails' book that lets you selectively privatize some, most, or all methods derived from ancestor classes and modules.
Skypekit: A Ruby Interface to Skype
Skypekit is a new Ruby wrapper for the Libskypekit C library that can provide access to Skypekit, a collection of APIs for hooking into Skype's voice and video call features.
Devise 2.1 Released
Devise is a popular flexible authentication library for Rails. For 2.1, Encryptable has been extracted into a separate gem and 2.0's deprecations have been removed.
RubyMotion.tmbundle: A TextMate Bundle for RubyMotion Users
Senior Software Engineer at EchoStar Advanced Technologies [New York, New York]
Ruby Developer for Leading Social Media Tech Co. [Redwood City, California]
Last but not least..
Mustachio (First RubyMotion-Powered App on the iTunes App Store?)
Last week I ran a ton of links about RubyMotion, a new Ruby implementation for building full, legitimate iOS apps using Ruby. Mustachio appears to be the first app in the App Store built with it (it's free and involves mustaches, what more could you ask for?)
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